Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jumping In....

For days I have been thinking and re-thinking what I should write for my very first blog post. Seriously trying to think of just the perfect words to write....of course exposing my hang up with perfectionism! :) But, I have realized that I just need to jump in. Just be honest and write from my heart. I need to jump in and join this amazing community of creative women. I have been so inspired by such talented, wonderful artists and blogs. What I love most about these ladies is their truth, heart, and journey as they choose to live a creative life.  So this blog is my brave attempt to share my journey and the inspirations I find.

I am really excited, like a little girl on Christmas morning. You know that uneasy but happy feeling you get when you are going to start something new. That's butterflies. It's like I am a child again sitting on the edge of my Aunt's pool. All around  my cousins and friends are diving in with no fear....beautiful dives, huge belly flops, graceful bodies jumping in. Fearless. I, of course, take forever. First I dip the big toe. Then ease my way on to the steps, taking a seat along the side to wait for the perfect time to slide in. Well, this time no easing in. I have  my paintbrushes in my hand, butterflies in my tummy,  and I am jumping in! Brave and Fearless. Wish me luck! :)