Friday, July 27, 2012

Taking Time...

to recover!
Do you do that after time away on vacation? 
I need a recovery period afterwards for goodness sakes. 
It's like a mini vacation (well, with unpacking, cleaning & loads of laundry) after 
the vacation! ;)

But, after spending time is gorgeousness like this...

iPhone pic of Yosemite Valley. Amazing!
Hike to waterfall
Waiting to fish in Mammoth Lakes
I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the end of summer. Sigh. 
(My daughter starts school in less then 3 weeks. Whoa, did it go fast!)

I did find some time today to play in my art journal. 
I grabbed 5 bottles of color, some Neocolor II crayons, and started doodling. 
Nothing serious. Nothing major. Just play. :)

Instagram Pic - You know I LOVE it! Find me @sadieinspired
 More posts coming this next week with pictures from Yosemite 
and of course some art. 
How are you planning on finishing up summer??

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Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm Off...

For a long weekend of camping with family...


I'll be back Tuesday feeling refreshed, inspired, and ready to art.
(I may even squeeze in some "artiness" on the trip. I packed a few supplies. 
I may need a break from all the dirt and bugs!)
But, until then...have a beautiful weekend and wish me luck! :)


Monday, July 16, 2012

Juicy Bits of Life


The last six weeks flew by. I can't believe that this week is the last for Summer of Color 2. It has been really fun each week to use  ice cream flavors for inspiration...something a little different and I can't wait to see what Kristin has coming next summer. Not only is she a fabulous mixed media artist, but a super sweet hostess as well. You know each week as we link up, there is a chance to win a fantastic arty prize! Now you know I love to add to my supply hoarding artsy collection...well, this last week I won the giveaway!! I am SO excited to play with my new goodies when they get here and thank you Kristin (again!).

This last week's flavor of choice - Watermelon Ice.
I had a hard time with this one at first because I don't typically use a lot of red. I like the way it looks when other people use it. But, it is not a color I naturally reach for.  It sure does look good though! :)

First, I looked through all my stuff and collected things I thought I may want to use. I do like limiting myself with only a few colors. Using a different color, like red, gave me a chance to pull out some things that I normally would pass by. 

I decided I wanted to draw one of my girlies holding stacked watermelon. I really like how my rainbow sherbert girl had turned out, so I thought I would make another. I drew her using a cheap mechanical pencil (hello, Dollar Tree) and gave it a spray of Workable Fixative to keep the pencil in one place. (Sometimes I use the spray and other times I don't. If I paint directly onto the surface without spraying it first, the graphite will move around quite a bit.)

I wanted a smooth, even texture so I covered the page with gesso. I use gesso a lot - not just for surface prep. Do you use gesso a lot? I love that I can prep a piece with it, blend with it, push color back with it, soften collage lines, add texture, and mix color with it. I have heard, "not all gesso is created equal." What do you think about that? Do you have a favorite brand?? I love my Liquitex. :)

Sooooo, my little Watermelon Princess is done. I added a third color. It is NO big surprise that I snagged turquoise. My gosh, I AM a creature of habit. But, hey...I am using red! I also added the phrase...Savor the juiciest bits of life. I love that. These words are a great reminder to me. Life is full of yummy bits and many times I overlook them or maybe I don't see the beauty in them until they are over.

Now, I have started a larger abstract using red, black, and white. I have just laid down the foundation... old bible pages, pretty black & white damask scrapbook paper, sparkly paper flowers, a flower border from a Brave Girls letter, some stamps, and of course some paint. I am not sure where it will take me...but, that is half the fun!

Have a beautiful beginning to the week and come see all the red happiness right here!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Wild and Reckless Inspiration

 I had the best day yesterday. My Hubby surprised me with a new beach cruiser and we decided to take it to the beach for a bike ride. We went to a very familiar place - where we grew up. It was so fun to ride along the path that I had ridden hundreds of times before with my girlfriends. So many memories flooded my mind. It reminded me to cherish each day. To slooooooowww down sometimes and just relish in the moments that don't seem so huge. Do you ever feel like that too? We finished our ride just as it started to rain. So I got to stand in the rain and watch my hubby surf. I loved it! But, then headed to the car. :)

Waiting for the rain to stop.
So today when I started (yeah, I meant to already have this finished...dang!) the weekly color challenge for Summer of Color 2 today, I was feeling full of inspiration! I loooooved the color combination this week. Look at these colors! OH....and the name - makes me laugh! My personality is so far from Wild and Reckless. But, I think I have a little "wild" in there somewhere. :) Don't we all??

After collecting all my goods...

I started an abstract in my 9x12 visual journal. I already use a lot of blue. Shades of aqua and turquoise are my "comfort" colors. Adding purple and bright green makes the colors really pop off the page. I already had the perfect colors of Liquitex Acrylic Basics - Bright Aqua Green (opaque), Brilliant Yellow Green (translucent), and Prism Violet (translucent). I added the words "Cherish the day" using words printed off from my computer. (Little tip: When I want to use printed text, I always brainstorm a bunch of things and type up a whole page. Then I have a file folder near my desk with loads of words, phrases, and quotes ready to go.)

 After finishing my page, I was still feeling the color combo mojo and decided to make a small wooden painting. Wood is my favorite substrate to paint on (although chipboard and cardboard are fighting to take the lead) so I love to use these little plaques from the craft store. All you have to do is attach a small sawtooth hanger on the back and it is ready to hang. :)

Finally, (Geesh! I told you I loved these colors.) I painted a quick portrait in my smaller visual journal. The title is Capture the Joy. Just a tiny reminder to myself to not let others steal my joy. Things will happen day to day...but, ultimately we determine how we let these things penetrate our hearts and attitude. Find the bits of joy each day (some days are harder than others!) and grab them. Hold on tight and cherish them! :)

Which bits of joy are you grasping for today???

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Strawberry Lemonade Sunday


Whoa, I had a hard time staying focused this week. I tried getting my page for Summer of Color 2 finished a dozen times...but, couldn't seem to get it together! The strawberry lemonade colors are so soft and pretty...just look...

I went through all my loot looking for yellows and pinks. I found a bunch of fun stuff. I threw it all in a pile and loved what I saw. I collaged all the different papers onto the background in my 9 x 12 journal. After that I think I just had too many ideas floating around my head which totally welcomes indecisiveness in me. Boo!

I wanted to do something abstract...then I felt like doing one of my little girlies...then a whimsy portrait popped up...then I felt like focusing on a quote...then I felt like grabbing scrap wood from the See what I mean!? ALL over the place this week. I think I finally threw down the paintbrushes and went to find something to eat. (Nothing a little treat can't solve!)

YES please!
So, finally last night I simply started playing with the paint. I took the things I had collected and just let everything flow naturally without thinking about it...making fun little marks, doodling, swirling, relaxing, finding my mojo. :) My intent really was to just use up all the paint left on my palette (no paint goes wasted! No way). Isn't it funny how when the expectation of producing something "fabulous" - in this case something presentable for Kristin's challenge - is lifted...everything just begins to fall into place. Does that happen to you? Major mind games happening over here! :)

Anyways, here is the final product of my playtime - Breathe in Sunshine. Yes, yes..take in all those sparkly, sunshiny things and let those dark clouds float away.

Still working on this page
 I hope you got a chance to read my interview at Jennibellie Studio. If not, please come check it out right here! :)

Happy Sparkly Sunday!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I am Being Interviewed by Jennibellie Studio!

I am so excited!
I am being interviewed today over at Jennibellie Studio. :)
I know you all know her blog, fabulous artwork, amazing creations from recycled materials, and YouTube videos. If you don' need to go there right now! You will love her. I am a huge Jennibellie fan, so I was very flattered when she asked me to be a part of her new series Tell All Tuesday.

I would LOVE for you to come read my interview

Happy, Happy Tuesday!
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