Monday, July 16, 2012

Juicy Bits of Life

The last six weeks flew by. I can't believe that this week is the last for Summer of Color 2. It has been really fun each week to use  ice cream flavors for inspiration...something a little different and I can't wait to see what Kristin has coming next summer. Not only is she a fabulous mixed media artist, but a super sweet hostess as well. You know each week as we link up, there is a chance to win a fantastic arty prize! Now you know I love to add to my supply hoarding artsy collection...well, this last week I won the giveaway!! I am SO excited to play with my new goodies when they get here and thank you Kristin (again!).

This last week's flavor of choice - Watermelon Ice.
I had a hard time with this one at first because I don't typically use a lot of red. I like the way it looks when other people use it. But, it is not a color I naturally reach for.  It sure does look good though! :)

First, I looked through all my stuff and collected things I thought I may want to use. I do like limiting myself with only a few colors. Using a different color, like red, gave me a chance to pull out some things that I normally would pass by. 

I decided I wanted to draw one of my girlies holding stacked watermelon. I really like how my rainbow sherbert girl had turned out, so I thought I would make another. I drew her using a cheap mechanical pencil (hello, Dollar Tree) and gave it a spray of Workable Fixative to keep the pencil in one place. (Sometimes I use the spray and other times I don't. If I paint directly onto the surface without spraying it first, the graphite will move around quite a bit.)

I wanted a smooth, even texture so I covered the page with gesso. I use gesso a lot - not just for surface prep. Do you use gesso a lot? I love that I can prep a piece with it, blend with it, push color back with it, soften collage lines, add texture, and mix color with it. I have heard, "not all gesso is created equal." What do you think about that? Do you have a favorite brand?? I love my Liquitex. :)

Sooooo, my little Watermelon Princess is done. I added a third color. It is NO big surprise that I snagged turquoise. My gosh, I AM a creature of habit. But, hey...I am using red! I also added the phrase...Savor the juiciest bits of life. I love that. These words are a great reminder to me. Life is full of yummy bits and many times I overlook them or maybe I don't see the beauty in them until they are over.

Now, I have started a larger abstract using red, black, and white. I have just laid down the foundation... old bible pages, pretty black & white damask scrapbook paper, sparkly paper flowers, a flower border from a Brave Girls letter, some stamps, and of course some paint. I am not sure where it will take me...but, that is half the fun!

Have a beautiful beginning to the week and come see all the red happiness right here!



  1. She's so cute - lovely colours and just perfect for this weeks challenge. I really like the background you've made - it's going to be a great base for a piece of art.

  2. Love you little lady on her page. And the work you have atrted is going to be good, too. My fave Gesso just now is Reeve's. Vaalerie

  3. It has been a very fun challenge. I too loved it! Your girl and quote are wonderful! Summer all the way!! Nice how you incorporated the watermelon too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Loving your wonderful page, its fabulous. I prefer Daler and Rowney Gesso as it has great cover. Annette x

  5. Your watermelon princess is perfect for summer! She is such fun- thanks for sharing your process- I love seeing the stages your piece went through.

  6. Cute Cute! I would continue in the Summer of Color forever...Challenging and Fun!

  7. your watermelon girl is fab and congrats on winning the prize - perfect for a creative artsy crafter like you!! I really like the other abstract piece you have started - looks really good.

  8. Your watermelon girl is so cute - and I totally agree with the sentiment, definitely one to remember. I really like your background page too.

    I use gallons of gesso - I don't have a particular preference, although I tend to go for the 'named' ones (Daler-Rowney, Windsor + Newton etc). It's cheap enough (especially if bought in larger quantities) to not bother with the cheap makes, which can be a bit watery or gloopy.

    Summer of Color has been great fun, hasn't it?!

  9. Beautiful work Sadie. Love it so much. It's very great.
    lovely greet

  10. Brilliant work!. She is gorgeous too :)

  11. OMG! your page is stunning, love the combination of colors you used here. It's absolutely beautiful!!
    Have a great day!

  12. Hey, congrats on winning the giveaway! Lucky you! Your little watermelon princess looks lovely!

  13. Oooh, I LOVE your page! She is so sweet!! The background you are doing is also a great start for something wonderful I am sure! :)

  14. Juicy and pretty :D I love watermelon and the color of red made your artwork so lovely and lively. As always, you made your humble fan here happy.

    Have a great day Jen!

  15. Ahh! This is SO darling, I love her tights and the little details,it's such a sweet piece!