Friday, August 26, 2011

Loving the Little Moments

I have been trying to spend some time "in the studio" each day this week, even just for a few minutes if I can. I feel so much better when I can actually work on something creative EACH day. Maybe just a page in my journal, a background, finishing up a canvas, working on some DIY project or craft (thank you Pinterest), painting with my little one...just something. Even for a short time, it is SO worth. I used to convince myself that if I couldn't sit down for long stretches of time, it wasn't worth it. I have learned that those little moments count. Every. single. one.

My creative time is a little "self love" or therapy for myself. I unwind, relax, dream...what I find is that sometimes I spend too much time "looking" at other people being creative. You know what I mean?  Anyone else feel that way? Don't get me wrong...I love reading blogs, watching technique videos on YouTube, and looking through Pinterest. But, all in moderation. I need to make sure that I am doing & not just observing all the creativity around me. :)

I painted this little girlie in about 10 minutes on a piece of chipboard. I have been painting lots of these little faceless girls with quotes & scriptures. I am really falling in love with them. It's funny...I always come back to art for children. I know I have mentioned that before. It is where I started (painting for my daughter's nursery & friends) and where I continually end up.

I have painted several small canvases too. I think they may make their into my poor little neglected Etsy shop. My poor little shop needs some TLC. :)

 All you need...
 So simple...but, so true. :)

I am going to link up to Paint Party Friday and Sneak Peek Friday at 

Before I go...thank you to sweet Diane from Diane Writes who mentioned me on her blog. I love reading about her, her family, her beautiful country & culture. It is amazing that through blogging our small corner of the world can somehow grow larger and our circle of friends broader. 
I feel very blessed! :)


Monday, August 22, 2011

Shoe Box Canvases

You Can Fly on shoe box lid
 Back to School inevitably means new shoes in our house. As I was taking some of the empty boxes down to the recycle bin...I stopped and thought, wait a second...these lids could pass as canvases. I love transforming normally useless things into something meaningful. Not to mention that I love making something fabulous for hardly any cost (which means besides loving art blogs...I obsess over home, craft, & DIY blogs. This is exactly why laundry does not get done while my little Love naps!). I have a project list that runs down the block & new art for the walls is top priority. 
So I thought, why don't I just cover these with gesso and give it a try. 

I am glad I did. I painted a cute little bird canvas for my daughter's room (we are slowly decorating with a bird theme) and started another. The second "canvas" is the beginnings of something abstract. We'll see how it turns out. :)

WIP Abstract box top
 So for pennies, you can create a little something to brighten up your walls and make recycling artsy. They would be great canvases for kids to create on too. My daughter is always asking to paint on my stash of canvases. I could prep a bunch of these and have them ready for her. 
AND... what a great reason to get some new shoes. Maybe I'll try that one on my hubby. :) Do you think he will go for it? 
"No, really Babe. I needed these shoes...look at that box!" 
Hmmmm.... :)

Happy, Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Small Spaces

It's all about the first day sparkly shoes. :)
 OK. Can I see a raise of hands...who else has been knee deep in Back to School?? Anyone? My takes a lot to get back on the "school wagon." :) Whew (wiping brow)... now I can find time to get messy!

I have a little space on my wall...some space between some frames on a picture wall I am putting together at the top of my stairs. The frames are black with hints of turquoise. I was tempted to spray paint all the frames white. I still might. (I am so in love with all things white! If I didn't have 2 young kids, a huge golden retriever, and a ton of things not white - I think I'd live in a Scandinavian house with white washed floors, white or cream slip covered couches, painted shabby chic furniture, things worn, distressed, & chipped - totally yummy & vintage & white!) SIGH.....
Anyways, after way too much deliberation, I stuck with black frames. (We'll see how long they last. Anyone else a schizophrenic decorator?) If the frames were staying dark, I needed something that would brighten it up a bit and add an artistic touch.

I already had some fairly small wood boards that had been cut laying around the garage. I grabbed those and started putting some modeling paste on them. I stamped in it, added some flowers, used bottle top lids to add texture, scraped, scooped, drew in it, wrote words....just had fun. I let it dry and then painted them using watered down acrylic and my watercolor crayons. I used greens, whites, yellows, and of course turquoise.  I added some words... faith, love, hope, and joy. Perfect. Now they are ready to hang. :)

Such a super cheap & quick way to add some interest to a standard picture wall.

Have a beautiful end of the week.
I'll let you know if the frames remain black!
Oh, and let me know if you are schizophrenic too. I'd like to know that I am not alone. :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Best Friends, Flowers, and Orange

This last week the color challenge (the last one!) for The Summer of Color was the color orange. It has been such a busy, crazy week....back to school is in full swing in our house. I just got a chance to work in my journal yesterday for a bit. I knew earlier in the week what I wanted to do, but just had a tough time actually doing it! 

When I think of orange, I always think of my BFF Lisa. She loves orange and in high school (looong ago...longer than I want to admit) it was all about orange. She also loved gerber daisies. So for me the chain of inspiration led me to wanting flowers somehow involved and a quote or poem about friendship. I just wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do. Enter Christy Tomlinson. I love reading her blog and her post yesterday (she shared a video too!) was inspired by Alisa Burke. I have always admired Alisa's style and immediately grabbed my pens and started doodling away. SO fun!!

 First, I doodled some flowers in pencil. Next time I will be brave enough to just start with pen. :)

Next, traced over pencil with my 05 MICRON pen.

Time to fill in with watercolor crayons and pencils. I wanted lots of orange with pops of blue.

Then added water.

I found a quote about friendship and added it to the page. I just glued it down with a glue stick. But, with all the water I was using, I think gel medium or Modge Podge would be a better choice.

I love the bright colors and it makes me happy...

...exactly the same way I feel after spending time with my soul sister Lisa. She is the best of girlfriends...the ones that are always there, love you no matter what, know you inside and out (and stick around), have so much "dirt" on you they could fill a land fill :), jump for joy in your successes, and are the first ones there when you know the ones...the sisters by heart that only GOD could have placed in your life. That is Lisa. GOD smiled down on me and said, "Here you go." I am a lucky girl. :)

I hope you get a chance, if you haven't already, to check out Kristin's
Summer of Color, Christy Tomlinson, or Alisa Burke - so much inspiration.

Have a beautiful weekend,

"Plant a seed of friendship; reap a bouquet of happiness."