Thursday, August 18, 2011

Small Spaces

It's all about the first day sparkly shoes. :)
 OK. Can I see a raise of hands...who else has been knee deep in Back to School?? Anyone? My takes a lot to get back on the "school wagon." :) Whew (wiping brow)... now I can find time to get messy!

I have a little space on my wall...some space between some frames on a picture wall I am putting together at the top of my stairs. The frames are black with hints of turquoise. I was tempted to spray paint all the frames white. I still might. (I am so in love with all things white! If I didn't have 2 young kids, a huge golden retriever, and a ton of things not white - I think I'd live in a Scandinavian house with white washed floors, white or cream slip covered couches, painted shabby chic furniture, things worn, distressed, & chipped - totally yummy & vintage & white!) SIGH.....
Anyways, after way too much deliberation, I stuck with black frames. (We'll see how long they last. Anyone else a schizophrenic decorator?) If the frames were staying dark, I needed something that would brighten it up a bit and add an artistic touch.

I already had some fairly small wood boards that had been cut laying around the garage. I grabbed those and started putting some modeling paste on them. I stamped in it, added some flowers, used bottle top lids to add texture, scraped, scooped, drew in it, wrote words....just had fun. I let it dry and then painted them using watered down acrylic and my watercolor crayons. I used greens, whites, yellows, and of course turquoise.  I added some words... faith, love, hope, and joy. Perfect. Now they are ready to hang. :)

Such a super cheap & quick way to add some interest to a standard picture wall.

Have a beautiful end of the week.
I'll let you know if the frames remain black!
Oh, and let me know if you are schizophrenic too. I'd like to know that I am not alone. :)


  1. Hahaha, great post! I am laughing. At my house, nothing gets finished because my husband is unable to make that final decorating decision! I really like your art frames. All of the texture is yummy. Those shoes are incredible!! I am going into work tomorrow to begin setting up my second grade classroom....does that count as being knee deep in Back to School stuff?! I don't want this summer to end...

  2. Hello Jen! I also love white painted homes and later on accentuated by colorful home furniture and pieces. I love your art work, it perfectly fits a white place. The colors give life! Have a great day

  3. I'm really drawn to white spaces lately too. They seem so dreamy. I don't think it would actually work so well in my home though. The 3yr old, large, dark fluffy cat and husband would have it grungy in no time. Ha, ha! :) Your artwork will make great pops of color for any space! So fun!

  4. I'm loving the all 'white' look too, but with 3 messy boys and one mucky pup, it's not practical for me either LOL!
    Loving all that gorgeous texture in your artwork!
    So did the frames remain black? LOL
    Jan x