Friday, December 28, 2012

Give Love

Hello friends! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
It came and went in the blink of an eye, didn't it? It has been such a whirlwind of goodness around here. This thankful girl is typing this blog post from a new, little laptop. My darling Hubby surprised me with it Christmas morning (very sneaky that one).  I am beyond excited to have a computer that is all my own...and portable! :) I am still getting used to the Windows 8 format though! Total learning curve for me. I need to get some kind of skin and sleeve/case for it too...any suggestions!?

Last night, after all the holiday glitter had settled,  I was finally able to do some painting in my journal. It felt really fabulous to just sit and create. I plopped down on the couch, got out my pencil and water soluble crayons, then got my creative mojo flowing. I must have been in a sweet, whimsical mood because this is what I painted...

First, I sketched her out with my pencil. My mind is already thinking ahead to Valentine's Day so love and hearts appeared. :) The page already had some gesso here and there which gave it yummy texture. Remember, I do not waste a I use pages of my journal to wipe off excess stuff from other projects. I use A LOT of gesso, so heaven forbid if I don't use every last drop.

I used my Caran D'Ache crayons to add color, followed by my water brush to blend. I didn't use anything else. Just water and the crayons. I originally planned on adding some acrylic paint later, but I don't think I am going to. I like her just the way she is.  She's a little cutie.

Here she is in all her Instagram glory. :)
I keep thinking about how important it is to "give love"...even when you don't want to, even when you're tired, even when you are mad or hurt, even when you feel they don't deserve it...give it anyway. I know I need that reminder.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Around Here

Two more days...are you ready?
I have a few more things to do, but the countdown is on around here. 
I can barely contain my kiddies. :)

The candy is out, baking is about to begin, Christmas music is playing, jammies & slippers are common, hot cocoa is brewing, feet are deep in wrapping paper, and hearts are resting on the true meaning of Christmas. 

Here is what it looks like around here lately...

 Book page ornaments

 Christmas music on the guitar

 Sweet birthday wishes

 Snuggles from my Love

 Isn't she cute!?

 The Nutcracker with my little dancer

Kraft paper wrapping

Yarn wrapped Christmas Trees

Gingerbread party with my Besties and their family

What does it look like around you?? 
I'd love the hear!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weeping Heart Angel

I wanted to share an angel that I worked on over the weekend. 

I am sorry I have been away from my blog for a couple days. I did have some Christmas tutorials and posts scheduled (coming later), but to be honest... I just couldn't sit down to write just yet. My heart is so heavy and sad, I just didn't feel like writing about holiday decor and crafts. I have wanted to hug & hold my kids, celebrate the simplest of blessings, and tell my hubby how much I love him.

My heart weeps for all those effected by the senseless tragedy of Friday...the children, the teachers, their families, the first responders, and the entire community. Being a first grade teacher myself, I can't even begin to imagine the pain and do not even feel I have the ability to express completely how I feel. So I am not even going to try. I am going to continue to pray for all those involved and their families, holding them closely in my heart.

I am hoping that you (and your loved ones) are safe and resting in the blessings of today.

Friday, December 14, 2012

From Trees to Angels and Elves


Now that I have painted trees for days my creative attention has turned to angels and elves. Inspired to use molding paste for wings, I painted these two new angels on wood. The first one is painted on a thin wood plaque with rounded corners. The second piece is on a wood block that is thick enough to stand on it's own, which I love. I LOVE how the modeling paste looks especially with some pearl shimmer added to it. 

 Who doesn't love a little sparkle?

Playing with collages in Picmonkey
Then, after seeing my daughter drawing some elves, ideas started popping into my mind. I wanted to draw an elf in my little whimsy girl style holding some packages. I just grabbed a piece of paper (that came out of some packaging) and quickly sketched. 

She is too cute. I love how she turned out. :) I think I may paint another one to frame and add her to the Christmas decorations in my daughter's room. I would paint the next one in non traditional colors like lavender, aqua (oh yeah) and pink. Maybe holding candy and a gingerbread house. Eeeekkk! Cuteness! :)

Do you like using molding paste as much as me???
Hope you are having a wonderful, creative week!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Twelve Things I'm Loving on 12-12-12

What a special day right? 12-12-12
I thought it would be fun to share twelve things 
I am adoring right now. 
What better date to have fun, relax from the Christmas To Do list, 
and share some fabulousness!
So off we go............

One: Snowflake Decorating

I am collecting all kinds of snowflake things & ideas. I love filling my house with wintery delight for my family. Especially since we live in southern Cal where winter is very mild. I created a fun "Let it Snow" treasury on Etsy the other first treasury. It was super fun! Take a look right here. Don't forget my quick snowflake candle tutorial right here too! 

Two: The New Twinkle Twinkle Etsy shop by Kristin Van Valkenburgh
Her artwork is gorgeous and if you haven't already visited - pop over and check it out!! :)

I am Mommy
Three: Pine Cone Wreaths
I am in love with the pine cone wreath I made for our front door. I had seen several in magazines and Pinterest. I thought it would be perfect for our front porch. (which has a snowflake thing going on - of course!) I had most of the things on hand, so it only cost a dollar to make. All I did was hot glue pine cones (gathered by my kids) to a grapevine wreath which I already had. The only thing I purchased was a bag of small, gold pine cones from Michaels. One word of advice...if you give this wreath a try, you may want to have E6000 glue as well. I came home to a couple pine cones on the ground. Let's hope the rest survive!

Four: Instagram
That goes without saying! I. am. in. love. It has been such a wonderful way to grab little pics of Christmas time. I am really needing the quick and ease of it! LOVE!!

Watching Christmas movies

Five: Whimsy Elves
Inspired by some of my kid's artwork. She is too cute!


Six: Kraft paper wrapping
So simple and pretty. Right? Sigh.

Seven: Book Page Wreaths
OK. Now, I know these have been around for awhile and you can see them all over bloggy land. But, I am obsessing over them. I will make one! 

Eight: Jeanne Oliver's Thoreau Collection
Holy Moly I love Jeanne's style. Have you seen her new collection? She just released her new collection of bags, jewelry, vintage goods, etc. You must go take a look!! Her pictures will make you swoon too. :)

Click below to visit her lookbook

Nine: Skinny Peppermint Mocha with Soy Milk
Enough said! :) 

Ten: 4x4 chunky canvases
Oh my heavens! I just finished a bunch of these little fabulous canvases for a commission I was working on and fell in love with them. I ran back to Michaels right away to get another pack of them (60% off that day!) I love the big sides. There will definitely be more of these!

Eleven: The previews for Les Miserables
Are you going to go see it? I can't wait!! 

Twelve: You. Yep, You.
I am so thankful for you. Those of you who take a little time out of your precious lives to read these words, comment and follow. There is so much love, heart, truth, encouragement, and inspiration in this Bloggy art community. People sometimes wonder why I blog. Why do I write my story here. They may wonder. But, I never do. You (and all your fab blogs) make it all worth it. :)

Now what are you loving these days???

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Little Snowflake Candle Holder Tutorial


 This year I have been using a lot of snowflakes around our home for decoration. When I needed a pretty little container (or two) to hold embellishments for my art class, I decided to try something I have seen around the creative, crafty blogs. (Oh, and of course Pinterest! Don't get me started there. SO MUCH inspiration. People are brilliant...I am always saying, "Why didn't I think of that!")

Anyways, I wanted something quick, easy and inexpensive. At about $2.15 each - it's a steal! It is a plus that after using these darling holders for class, they now can bedazzle my house. :) So here is what I did...

Supplies:  Glass votive (Dollar Tree)
               Glass candlestick (Dollar Tree)
               White sparkling snowflake (Target)
               Twine (Michaels)
               E6000 glue (from my stash. I love this glue. Very strong. But, use in ventilate                      area - that is a must!)
                 Popsicle Stick 
               Small white candle

First, use your E6000 glue and squeeze a small dollop onto the Popsicle stick. (You better be in a well ventilated room! Promise?) Spread the glue along the top of the candlestick making sure that you cover it all. (The glue does dry clear, but you will be able to see it when there is nothing in the glass. I don't worry much about that because I always have something inside.) Press the two pieces together firmly trying your best to center the votive top. I place something with some weight inside and set it somewhere safe to dry. 

How easy was that!? Now the possibilities for jazzing it up a bit are endless! For this project all I did was take my snowflake and thread the twine through it. I then attached it to the new candle holder by knotting it on the backside.

I filled the bottom of the candle with salt to look like snow and added a small candle! I also tied a little more twine around the neck of the candle. That's it! So easy and super cute.

Are you creating new things to spread around your house this Christmas season? I'd love to hear!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Tree Crazy

I am absolutely bonkers for Christmas trees. I am. Totally smitten. I would probably have one in my house all year if I could. Right now I want one in every room of my house. Lol. We have one in our family room and then each one of my kids have a small (colored) one in their rooms. I love decorating them so much that if money fell from the sky each Christmas I would have a bunch so I could decorate them all differently. Yes...totally themed. I like a themed tree. I am not "crazy tree lady." Kiddie ornaments can be on the main tree. Nemo is right there in the front of our white, silver, snowflake tree - staring at me every day.  :)

Besides a few things for the kids, my hubby and I braved the Black Friday early morning crowds to score a Martha Stewart fakey (dont judge). I never thought I would own an artificial tree. But, I do...and I love her. 

Naturally, in my art...trees have taken over! Not whimsical little winter creatures, angels, nativity scenes, mittens & snow. 
It's been all about the tree. 

Magnet trees...

Canvas trees

Mini trees

Whimsy trees

Wood Cut-out Trees

Ornament Trees

See. It could be an illness. :) 
Of course, I am kidding. I just love Christmas trees.
What about you? Do you have the love too?

It has been awhile. But I am joining the Party!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Whimsy Christmas Class ReCap


 Hi Lovely Friends! What an incredibly busy week, but wonderful at the same time. I can't believe it has been a whole week since I blogged. I just couldn't seem to get here. This last week, leading up to my Whimsy Christmas class at the Urban Barn, was full of running around, preparing for the class, and managing two sick kids at home. But, I was so honored to be able to lead such a fabulous group of ladies in a super fun artsy class. I had so much love and support from those around me that my heart was filled to the brim. :)

The ladies worked so hard on their beautiful creations. We had Christmas music playing, yummy chocolate brownies, creativity flying, laughter, warm tea, and loads of fun. We worked on one main 8x10 canvas and a smaller 5 x 5 wood block. I wanted the students to feel the difference between working on wood and canvas. Also inside their class kits was a manilla tag and a couple playing cards that they could work on altering as their pieces dried if they wanted. I didn't want anyone to be bored! Lol.
Altered tags I made for their goodie bags.

I worked on several different decorations for the class and I will be sharing some of them in tutorials over the next two weeks. SO fun! So, be sure to come back!!

Also, I am excited to share that another class is in the works for late January or early February. I am sure there will be some hearts and love involved since Valentine's Day will be hovering on the horizon. I hope some of my blog readers (if you are on the area) can join in! How fun would that be!? I will post the workshop on my Workshop tab above when the class is available. :)

Some of the beautiful ladies from class. I am sorry we can't see their paintings very well...they are gorgeous.

Have a beautiful beginning to the week. This girl needs to do some Christmas shopping (and crafting!) about you??

Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Cyber Monday

Happy Monday Friends!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 
I am just popping in quickly to let you know my 
Cyber Monday sale is on in the shop.
Everything is 25% off. Just enter coupon code : CYBERMONDAY25
If you are looking for some fun, unique gifts 
(maybe even for yourself. Hee Hee) come stop by!!

We have been slowly decking the halls in the Randall house. How about you? I have a long list of Christmas crafts to try too. 
Do you have any you are trying this season??