Monday, December 3, 2012

Whimsy Christmas Class ReCap

 Hi Lovely Friends! What an incredibly busy week, but wonderful at the same time. I can't believe it has been a whole week since I blogged. I just couldn't seem to get here. This last week, leading up to my Whimsy Christmas class at the Urban Barn, was full of running around, preparing for the class, and managing two sick kids at home. But, I was so honored to be able to lead such a fabulous group of ladies in a super fun artsy class. I had so much love and support from those around me that my heart was filled to the brim. :)

The ladies worked so hard on their beautiful creations. We had Christmas music playing, yummy chocolate brownies, creativity flying, laughter, warm tea, and loads of fun. We worked on one main 8x10 canvas and a smaller 5 x 5 wood block. I wanted the students to feel the difference between working on wood and canvas. Also inside their class kits was a manilla tag and a couple playing cards that they could work on altering as their pieces dried if they wanted. I didn't want anyone to be bored! Lol.
Altered tags I made for their goodie bags.

I worked on several different decorations for the class and I will be sharing some of them in tutorials over the next two weeks. SO fun! So, be sure to come back!!

Also, I am excited to share that another class is in the works for late January or early February. I am sure there will be some hearts and love involved since Valentine's Day will be hovering on the horizon. I hope some of my blog readers (if you are on the area) can join in! How fun would that be!? I will post the workshop on my Workshop tab above when the class is available. :)

Some of the beautiful ladies from class. I am sorry we can't see their paintings very well...they are gorgeous.

Have a beautiful beginning to the week. This girl needs to do some Christmas shopping (and crafting!) about you??


  1. That sure sounds and looks like you had lots of fun! Must be a great feeling to teach people things that you yourself love to do.

  2. That looks like so much fun! a room full of artists working together! I'm sure you will have a full class for next year, you are so creative! I love your artwork :)

  3. That class looks like a hoot! Ummm, forgive me. It must have been a while since I've come by. But when did your blog become so extra visually delicious? It looks fabulous.