Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday & Free Shipping!


 Hi everybody! 
I hope you had a beautiful weekend.
I just wanted to let you know that from now until Christmas, everything in my new shop will ship for FREE to the US & Canada. 
Plus, I have reduced rates for everywhere else!
Not just today - Cyber Monday - but, all the way to Christmas! :) 

I will continue to stock my shop through the month of December, so come back as many times as you'd like! I am currently working on new necklaces, magnets, canvases of all sizes, ornaments, and sweet little peg dolls. So cute!

Happy Shopping!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Friday

Tree of Joy - Sold . Thank you!
  Yes, yes...Happy Friday to everyone. I hope everybody is well and rested - not fighting the crowds here in the states on Black Friday. If you are - I hope you got what you needed and made it home safely. It can get kinda nuts around here with people trying to get a good deal. I cuddled up with a blanket, cup of coffee, my computer - and STAYED in BED! :)

Ever since my box top tree, I have been slightly obsessed with painting Christmas trees. I have them dancing in my head, not sugar plums. I seriously need to stop. I did paint a little girl. But, I think I need to start painting some snowmen or something. The trees are so much fun though. I think they would make darling little gifts, or maybe painted on little gift tags. Cute, right?
I am all about doing my own gift wrap this year. I did buy one roll - 
I HAVE to have something for my hubby. (His wrapping would make you giggle. You can spot it a mile away. lol) But, back to the one roll I bought - it is all trees. See, slightly obsessed! :)

6 X 8 on canvas panel
  I have been busy finally starting to fill my ETSY shop. It is kinda scary isn't it? I have visited so many beautiful, beautiful shops filled to the brim with gorgeous-ness. It can be very intimidating. But, I remind myself that everyone has to start somewhere. That each one of my little baby steps is one step closer to reaching dreams that for a long time, were to scary to even 
put out into the world. I know I will continue to grow and learn. :)
I am SO ok with that!
( Update : Before I even got this post finished, I sold a tree! A cute, little whimsy tree has found a home! Thank you!)

I am really looking forward to traveling around and seeing all the creativity at Paint Party Friday. Plus, I read so many amazing blogs - truly inspiring! Who needs magazines anymore, I have so much to read online! (Well, except Somerset - I need those!) I have also gained new followers, which makes me so excited & happy. When I started this blog, I wanted to experience this wonderful art community & gain new friends. So I thank each and every one of you who take the time to visit, read, look at, and comment on my bloggy home.  
(It means the world to me!)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Tree Box Art

It is that time.
The mall is already crazy.
Christmas commercials are jingling.
Lights are being strung.
Lists are being made.
Peppermint Mocha has arrived at Starbucks.
Thanksgiving...have you already passed?? 
(We start celebrating Christmas earlier & earlier each year it seems! lol.)

4.5 x 10 Shoe Box Art
 So in preparation...our Christmas bins have started coming in from the garage and the kids are all about doing some winter art. This year I really want to focus on all things handmade & simple. I want to make lots of new decorations, transform stuff I don't like anymore, 
and make many of my own Christmas gifts.

The other night, I used a shoe box lid again to make some Christmas art just like I did here. It will be a perfect little addition to a wall somewhere. 
I love that it didn't cost a dime and of course that a piece of trash has been 
turned to treasure. :)

 First, I covered the box with some torn or cut magazine pages and sheet music. I really like the texture that the magazine creates. I love when you can see little bits popping through. After that I stamped, painted, wrote, and scribbled to grunge it up. Then I drew a whimsical tree. I added buttons using Mod Podge and added some finishing touches. 
Quick, easy, and festive!
(I loved making the tree so much that I am painting some on canvas board to add to my shop!)

Are you making any Christmas gifts or decorations?
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, November 18, 2011

More Journal Love


Last Tuesday I painted live (using the computer of course) with others ... for another one of Amy's online workshops. It was so fun! There I was on the couch, paints thrown about, laptop on the coffee table, my little one watching a movie before nap, (it just has to happen sometimes - Mommy needs to paint. LOL!) and me painting away. I adore technology. How cool is it that people from all over can come together...over the computer...and "hang out" with paint in hand. So awesome! 

Amy's (so talented AND wickedly funny) class wasn't a directed lesson, but as soon as we started, she challenged us to just paint. Go for it. Don't think too much. Don't care about the outcome. Just paint anything that came to mind. If it is ugly - keep going. No plan - just go! OK, for this very planned (total perfectionists raise your hand) person...that's hard. But as I have said in the past, that is a HUGE problem for me. I  a) THINK about the painting too much before I even start b) worry about the outcome before I even start the first layer c) become attached to layers I am going to cover which equals fear to take the next step d) get stuck - a lot.

I needed the nudge. I needed someone to say, "Who cares if it looks like crap." Just have fun and experiment. That is what I did and I had so much fun. So thank you Amy (and classmates!) for helping me free up a bit! 

After finishing the owl, I found an empty page in my journal that I had already covered with old book pages. I started by painting the border from the same colors I had for the owl, then decided to do a portrait in watercolor. I really wanted the words to show through. I love the way that looks. 

It was super fun (did I say that already!) and I hope to do it again.  
(This weekend Manon will be painting live on Saturday and Amy will be painting on Sunday. 
It's free! It's live!)
I am not sure if I can make either of them, but they are taped. :)

I am SO glad it is Friday, aren't you?? SO happy that Thanksgiving vacation starts today!! 
Any exciting holiday plans???

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Even in the Rain

I just wanted to share a quick little journal page
I was working on this weekend. 
I was thinking about a line in the song "Beautiful Heartbreak" that says,
" I take the rain with the sunshine."

I love this saying because it reminds me that I have to SEEK. I have to seek out that sometimes alluding beauty in a "storm". I have to find the sweet moments where I can savor the goodness with gratitude...even in the rain.
It makes the sunshine that much sweeter. :)

I hope you are having beautiful Tuesday!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sharing Art


 Today I was able to pop into a live class that Manon (a part of Amy's FREE art classes..hello, FREE!) was giving on creating her adorable little girls. By the time I was able to sign on & sit down, the class was just about over. But, I quickly grabbed my supplies, my art journal, and dove right in. It is so absolutely fascinating to watch artists work. I love to see the process...don't you?  I didn't even have time to join in the chat (boo!) and just started painting. 

I did learn today that I don't have very creamy, delicious watercolor crayons. I have a very inexpensive set that was a little frustrating to use, but that is the beauty in playing. I discovered new ways to blend with my little cheapies. :) I have to admit though, I am VERY happy that a set of Caran d'Ache crayons are on my Christmas list. (That link is for my hubby!! lol) 

 Manon's sweet little creations are so stinkin' cute. Adorable. It was so fun to watch her create (It was taped too! Find it here.). My girl turned out a little wonky...but I like her - and her big bug eyes! :)

Thank you to Manon for sharing her art and all the other generous artists 
who are so open with their skills. 
I have learned so much from you!

I am sharing my inspired painting at Paint Party Friday and In the Studio.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011



 Yesterday I read a wonderful post on Christy's blog and was introduced to Hilary Weeks' music. She sings an amazing song called Beautiful Heartbreak.
I was so moved by her video.

It just made me think about how strong we all are. That human spirit can endure the worst and still come through tragedy or heartache victoriously. I know we all get that miraculous strength from different places - God, family, friends, our children, a song, inspiring words, strength in others, etc - the list is a mile long. I am so amazed by what people can overcome. I would never wish heartbreak on anyone. EVER. But, I think if we all could wear signs (like in the end of this video) showing the dents we have in our hearts, we may just treat others (and ourselves!) with even more love and compassion.

HE Gives me Strength 5X5 stretched canvas 

 Adding this to This Art That Heals - Word Art Wednesday.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Journal Love

Journal Page using watercolors & water brush
  I may have already written a post with the same title...but, I just can't think of anything else. I just LOVE my art journal. So that title is totally stuck in my head. Journal Love

I started a new journal this past summer. I bought one to work in for
Kristin's Summer of Color. After Summer of Color (fabulous-ness) ended, I had lots of pages left.  My goal is to have it finished before 2012. I want it to represent my art from 2011.  No pressure though...I try to make my journal a pressure free place. Just fun, experimentation, joy, feelings, ideas...all that good stuff (and bad too!).

I love how it is getting fatter & fatter. I can't wait to see what it looks like when I am all finished. 

The other night, while I was watching Project Accessory (yes, totally sucked in. I love Project Runway. So naturally I am watching the spin off. But I am missing my Tim Gunn!) I pulled out my watercolors, water brush, and journal. I didn't put too much thought into it...and just painted. My water brush is fairly new, so I am having tons of fun playing around with it. I like that I can take my water brush with me anywhere. My studio is upstairs, so I love how convenient it is to move around. 
Do you have a little portable art kit you take with you? 
I think I need to make one!

That's it! :)
Happy Journaling!

I am linking to Artists in Blogland and Just Journals. Come visit!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Busy Painting

Whoa...what a busy week! Harvest Festivals, Halloween, costumes, chaperoning a field trip, editing pics, filling my shop (ever so slowly) ...and, painting too! Lots and lots of yummy painting. I just get going sometimes and bust out a bunch of backgrounds all at once. Then I have a stash of backgrounds to grab and start working on when I have some time.

I love working on backgrounds. Don't you? I get that "warm & fuzzy" happy dance ready when I am creating backgrounds. The combination of book pages, found paper, little bits from here and there, paint, layers, sprays, stencils,! :)

I started working on this larger (for me) 16 X 20. I was actually cleaning my kitchen (no fun!) the other day when I thought the flowers on my paper towels would look really cool in a background. I am liking the way it looks and love the bumpy texture of the paper towels.

Sorry. The pic is a bit dark. Rainy day. :)
 Look at that interesting pattern left behind after using the top of a plastic fly swatter as a stencil. I love it! I can't get too attached to the background will undoubtedly become covered up by more layers. :)

I hope you are having a beautiful week!! I am looking forward to more painting this weekend, how about you? I definitely want to visit some blogs too...
so inspiring.