Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Tree Box Art

It is that time.
The mall is already crazy.
Christmas commercials are jingling.
Lights are being strung.
Lists are being made.
Peppermint Mocha has arrived at Starbucks.
Thanksgiving...have you already passed?? 
(We start celebrating Christmas earlier & earlier each year it seems! lol.)

4.5 x 10 Shoe Box Art
 So in preparation...our Christmas bins have started coming in from the garage and the kids are all about doing some winter art. This year I really want to focus on all things handmade & simple. I want to make lots of new decorations, transform stuff I don't like anymore, 
and make many of my own Christmas gifts.

The other night, I used a shoe box lid again to make some Christmas art just like I did here. It will be a perfect little addition to a wall somewhere. 
I love that it didn't cost a dime and of course that a piece of trash has been 
turned to treasure. :)

 First, I covered the box with some torn or cut magazine pages and sheet music. I really like the texture that the magazine creates. I love when you can see little bits popping through. After that I stamped, painted, wrote, and scribbled to grunge it up. Then I drew a whimsical tree. I added buttons using Mod Podge and added some finishing touches. 
Quick, easy, and festive!
(I loved making the tree so much that I am painting some on canvas board to add to my shop!)

Are you making any Christmas gifts or decorations?
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Jen! Wish I could make my own Xmas decors too. This is my first time to see you craft for Xmas. I would definitely looking forward for more, this will be my first Xmas with you blog friend!

  2. Whoooo Jen... love your shoe box art...especially the added buttons!!
    I love turning 'trash' to treasure too ;) been busy making some tree decs here!
    Jan x

  3. My favorite kind of art--the tree is so darn cute--always love the whimsy!
    Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I love making christmas decorations - and handmade christmas' are the best. I managed to make everyone a handmade present last year, hoping to do the same again this year (if I have enough time after Nov's challenges). Thanks for sharing, lovely as ever, Jennibellie x

  5. I LOVE this idea! So much so that I'm going to coerce my 7yo daughter into doing it, but on a larger version. I loathe putting the tree up, so this is a great solution. Thanks for the idea!