Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Time to Stamp

Let's talk a little bit more about mark making stamps! I shared some of my various tools found around my house back here on this post. There are so many interesting mark makers lying around, that I thought I would share some more. I love some of the little stamping goodies I have to share today...take a look!

Raid the golf bags and pull out a tee! Look how great you can create small circles on your page. I LOVE that you can flip it around and make darling, tiny dots with the other side. My hubby has lots of these cuties, he won't miss them. :)

My mom had given me a package of fun rubber alphabet stamps from Recollections. The stamps are fabulous to play with, but look at this spectacular box that came in the packaging. I am really drawn to circles, so I was super excited to find something other than a circle. Always look at wrapping and packaging. SO many good finds and it is way better to land in an art stash rather than the trash.

Now, we know food comes in all kinds of interesting containers. They may seem very simple and basic. But look at how interesting the bottom of this plastic cup makes marks. Very similar to the foam hair roller in my last stamping post (here). I love the different variations I get depending on the amount of paint. Plus, it is a still my heart. ;)

 I know it really stinks for anyone to be sick, but hang on to those medicine dispensers. Play around with them and see if they can make some marks of interest. I initially tried to suck up some watered down yellow paint and spray it out for a cool effect. Lol. Major fail on that one. But, I turned it around and used the end to stamp. I love the lines within the circles. 

AND...look at the inked image! It's even better. I can't wait to get these little glorious stamped circles onto a project. :)

I hope I inspired you to grab some unexpected little gems 
to stamp with on your projects. 
Where are you going to look first?

Happy Creating!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

From Sketch to Color

Happy Monday! How is your week starting? I have to admit that Mondays are not my favorite. I LOVE the weekends (don't we all?) and I spend the week counting down the days until Friday again. But, I have some coffee in me and spent the morning reading (and snuggling) with my little I feel ready to tackle the day. :)

Today I wanted to show a journal page that I worked on over the weekend. It had started out as a quick pencil sketch a couple Sundays ago. I am trying to sketch something every Sunday. It's funny. As much as more abstract art is tickling my creative artsy heart, I can never get away from "girls." I say that all the time. I love sketching and painting them. But, when I dream...I dream of painting large, massive abstracts full of color. Maybe that's a vision of what's to come. :) That's what is so exciting...the anticipation of the journey and embracing it all step by step. 

After sketching my girl, I added a thin layer of gesso to prepare the page. The pencil did smear a little bit, but I am totally OK with that. I used acrylic paint and Caran d'Ache watercolor crayons to add color. I find that I primarily use these crayons and gesso to paint in the face. I rarely add other acrylic paint to faces. I do think it would be fun to try that more though. I used my Faber-Castell PITT pens to add definition and color in the small spaces, as well as tracing over the word "loved." I'm using these pens a lot! I LOVE them. If you don't have any and want to add some goodies to your art stash, I highly recommend them. Usually, one of the last steps for me is to go back to add details with an inexpensive Pentel black pen and white Gellyroll. (By the way - just a little tidbit. I was having problems with my white pens working. I started storing them in my pen cup with the tip down & it has made a huge difference. Lol. I know, I know... so brilliant!)

  I am going to add just a bit more to her. I think she needs a little more texture in the background and perhaps some washi tape. Yes! Why not!? I love me some washi tape. Don't you!? I have a growing collection. Where do you like to buy yours? Michael's just recently got in a bunch of new designs. Very dangerous. OK, total obsessive side track! :)

Anyways, have a beautiful Monday my friends and let's go get creative!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

One Little Word - 2013

Oh my goodness it has taken me a long time to choose a word for 2013. I thought I would pass on choosing one this year. BUT, I started reading all the posts about your motivating words. Inspired! I just can't help it. You are all just so inspiring! The same thing happened last year too. :) I felt that since I had a word last year and the year before - why stop now. Right?

8 x 10 Mixed Media Canvas - Acrylic paint & various pens
The hard part was narrowing down my choices. Uggg! I can be super indecisive sometimes and this being the 24th of January is a prime example. Ha! I had  basically narrowed it down to embrace or able. Embrace seemed a little more romantic, and beautiful - but the word able would not leave me alone. I have read several blog posts about the words sometimes choosing you. I think mine found me. It just wouldn't go away. It kept popping into my head. 

A couple weeks ago, my family and I were driving up to the mountains to go snowboarding (I apparently need waaay more practice). Right along the snowy mountain, nestled back a bit in a glistening white field was a small, weathered shack with huge letters painted above the door - A B L E. Now, believe me the blogger and picture taking fool that I am wanted to jump out and take a  picture...but, we were with people in a little caravan and I didn't think we could. Lol. Needless to say it made me smile to see that word sitting there for me. :)

 Finally a couple of nights ago I committed to my word of 2013 - when I painted this in the middle of a sleepless night. 

You are able
 I am able
We are able do anything we put our minds to, even if I start with one step at a time.

Believe in yourself and know that you were wonderfully made...
just the way you are.

This is an Instagram from a couple days ago. If you are Insta-obsessed 
like me, come find me @sadieinspired!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13 



Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sometimes I Wander

Happy Weekend Lovelies!
Today is GOR-geous outside and I am super excited to get out there and tackle this day. I am filled to the brim with gratitude (and maybe a little coffee) today. I am feeling very blessed this morning...that I am able to face this day with love, health, and a smile. 

 I worked on this journal page quite a bit yesterday, but unfortunately lost the race against the sun to get a picture. :) The page started with a bunch of book pages and bible pages. Over that I used gesso (thick and heavy) with acrylic paint in greens and blues. Once I started adding more and more, I started to see the shapes emerge. So fun, right!? I love how things just pop out and say, "HI! Here I am." 

I like her tilt. Lol. That sounds funny, but I do. I like the slant of her body. I am still stacking circles on tops of heads for hair. Maybe, she is hanging to the right because that hair is too heavy. Ha!

I did sit for a bit...waiting for the words to come to me. Sometimes I create a piece with words or quotes (scriptures too!) already in my mind. The words inspire the painting. With an intuitive, pulled page I let the words come from the story that unfolds on the sheet.

"Sometimes I like to Wander."
9x12 journal page

Do you like to wander?
Have the loveliest of weekends too!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Mixed Media Workshop at Urban Barn!

I am super excited to announce another Workshop coming in February at the Urban Barn in Escondido, Ca. During this mixed media class I am going to be teaching various techniques that add texture and interest to a canvas. We will be using pen, ink, tissue paper, modeling paste, cardboard and tape. So fun! The project we will be working on has a love theme because the class in on the 9th of February - 
a couple days before Valentine's Day! 

This layered canvas is perfect to create for your home or give as a gift to a special someone. :))) I am sure we are going to be painting up a storm, laughing a lot (always), eating chocolate (how can we not??) and learning some great techniques.

If you are in the southern California area...come join us! I'd love to see your sweet face. :) We are bound to have a super creative time!!

Layers of Love Mixed Media Workshop
Saturday, February 9, 2013


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Around the House" Stamps

I LOVE to use "found" objects in my art. Don't you? It's fun to find little things to add interest and texture to art journal pages, canvases, scrapbook layouts, or other projects. Last October I shared this post about some texture making goodies from my drawer of stamps. Today I have more to show you! 

Just look at some of the great ways these items can make marks on a page. I wonder what you can find around your house. Take a look! :)

This is one of the many (and I mean MANY) pieces from a building set my kids have. When I dip the end into acrylic paint it makes tiny little dots. Very cute and similar to a q-tip. Don't overlook all the lovely goodies that come in children's toys. It's like a wonderland of artsy goodness!

I was an elementary teacher for 12 years, so I have oodles of these rubber pencil grips. They make a darling circle pattern. These could be used to make adorable handmade cards or perfect for kids to create a masterpiece. Super fun and easy for small hands to grasp!

 Nature always provides such fabulous inspiration to me. You too? All I need is a walk, visit to the beach, or hike in the woods to make me feel not only refreshed (and grateful for such beauty) but also completely invigorated creatively. There is so much color and pattern available to us outside. Just look at this shell! A portion of a large shell broke off, and this piece made me smile ear to ear. I'd love to go on a hunt (whether in the neighborhood or somewhere special) with my kids to find some of nature's wonderful pattern makers. Hmmm maybe this weekend?

Containers and bottles from the kitchen make great stamps. Here is a small plastic lid from the top of a spice container. You can see the randomness of the mark depending on how hard I pushed down. I love that! I don't want everything perfect and precise. I like the surprise of random. :)

I think I saved the best for last. Who has some of those pink, foam curlers? I have a dancer in my house, so high curly ponytails are a must. I am sure you can find commercial stamps that make marks like this. BUT, pink rollers are inexpensive and leave divine circles. Also, they would make another "around the house" stamp perfect for kiddie hands! My little guy would love "painting" with these. Well, he is almost he is "over" things in about 2 seconds flat. I am going to give them a try though!! 

There you have it! Some interesting ways to use things from "around the house" for art making. What kinds of things do you use? I'd love to hear!
I am off to go find more pink curlers! :)

Happy Stamping Lovelies!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Sketch & Words

Quick 10 minute sketch in journal

Love is always bestowed as a gift - freely, willingly and without expectation. We don't love to be loved; 
we love to love.

Leo Buscaglia

Friday, January 11, 2013

Inspired Home - Book Page Wreath


I have wanted to make a book page wreath for a long time. I have seen them on several blogs I read as well as Pinterest. One of the many creative goals I have this year is to attempt actually making the things I am inspired by on Pinterest or around the web. So I decided enough is enough! I AM making a wreath. Can I tell was really easy and didn't take too much time at all.

I found this easy to follow tutorial on YouTube by Jenna DeAngeles. It did take some time figuring out the right way to roll the paper cones. But, once I figured it out I became a one woman cone factory. IT would be a fun little task to do while watching TV or instead of folding laundry. :)

I followed Jenna's directions pretty much for the entire process. After attaching all the cones, I auditioned lots of items I had floating around my house for the center. You really can use all kinds of various things - ornaments (too Christmas-y for all year around for me), burlap, fabric flowers, moss, potpourri, etc. I used my stash of wooden knobs and small flowers from an earth toned package of potpourri. I LOVE how it looks!! It really makes a beautiful, strong statement.

The cones are hot glued to a square 12x12 piece of Styrofoam. There are two office binder clips on the top of the Styrofoam to hold the twine for hanging. I have it hanging on the back of my front door right now. I had so much fun making this book page wreath, I may end up with one in every room. :)

Have you made a book page wreath? No? Hurry up! Go! :)
Happy Friday!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Washi Tape Altered Tag

Today I wanted to share a tag I created with some fun washi tape. I was inspired by the technique that Sharon Laakkonen used for the Creative Jump Start Summit hosted by Nat Kalbach. Have you joined along?? I love it. Each morning in January I have received a wonderful creative video in my inbox to get my creative juices flowing. I love being introduced to new artists, teachers, and techniques. If you haven't checked CJS 2013 out, you should click right here and join!

Washi tape is so fun to use and there are so many different ways to utilize all the colorful patterns. Right!? I think I need to add a Washi Tape board to my Pinterest, so I can gather all the various ideas I see. :) In Sharon's video she covered her entire manilla tag with washi tape which created a fabulous texture for the background. So I started there! Look!! Super fab!

After covering the entire tag with coordinating washi colors, I laid down a layer of gesso to prepare for some painting and stamping.

I really love this circle stamp I found at Michael's in the clearance section. I love the size! It was only $1.99, so how could I pass it up?

I decided that I would make a tag also inspired by my daughter and spring. I had some paper butterflies in my stash that I wanted to use. I painted the butterfly with blue acrylic paint for contrast. 

I looked through my billions of letters to find the letter M. (OK. Slight exaggeration. Maybe not a billion, but I am addicted to letters. Could it be the teacher in me? I do not know. I found a package of these chipboard letters from K&Company at the dollar store. Score!)

I added all my little goodies and also punched a butterfly directly into the tag. I have seen this done by quite a few people, but had never tried it before. All you do is punch or cut out a shape, then add patterned paper to the back so it shows through. It is a great way to add visual interest and texture. You can see where I did it with that little white butterfly. Some of the white paper hangs below the bottom of the tag. I cut it with a pair of scalloped craft scissors. (Technique also shown in Sharon's video)

Here is the finished tag. Super cute and girlie. I added some turquoise ribbon through holes in the letter M. On the right side of letter I glued some chipboard flowers that came in the letter package and added a little bling. Along the bottom I attached some cream colored lace. I love this lace because it has adhesive on the back. SO easy. Peel and stick! :)

Hope you are having a lovely Tuesday!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013

Happy New Year Everyone! How was your celebration? Our festivities were very mellow and relaxing. Just the Hubs and my kiddies eating dinner, ice cream, and a fun family movie together. Since we are in California and keeping my kids up until midnight wouldn't work...we celebrate east coast style at 9:00! :) We watch the ball drop and bang pots and pans. It's amazing how fun this is for kids. Simple pleasures I tell you. 

Journal page in the works
 I am really looking forward to 2013. How about you? 2012 wasn't bad and I wasn't chasing it out the door...but, I just really love the feeling of newness, beginning, and the expectation of things to come. It's like January begins and we all have a brand new life canvas to begin layering up with all the things 2013 will bring. That's exciting stuff!

Now, I will tell you...the word resolution makes me nervous. I am sure I wrote about it last New Year's. "Resolutions" just seem so daunting, looming, and for me negative. Maybe it's because I have not stuck with them in the past. How about you? Do you stick with them? If I word things calling them goals, intentions, expectations, wishes, or my works better. Funny how the mind works sometimes.  :) 

So here are some of my goals for the coming year. I thought if I actually wrote them down here, I'd be encouraged to follow through. Lol. I often have a plethora of ideas, but lack follow through. Now I will be held accountable! Kinda scary. ;)

Without further adieu...

** Blog more regularly
** Create one series for the blog and stick to it
** Commit to better storytelling with my pictures: My oodles of pictures often stay put on the computer. I need to be better about documenting things with something like digital books, journaling, Project Life, etc
** Drink more water: Yep, not enough right now!
** Begin making prints of some of my paintings
** Continue adding abstract painting to my body of work
** Learn to shoot in Manual mode on my camera: It is time!
** Teach more mixed media art classes
** Submit my work to be published: I always get so excited to see my bloggy art friends in magazines like Somerset!! I think I'd pass out if I saw my own!
** Write more tutorial, technique, and how to blog posts
** Exercise, exercise, exercise! I have fallen off the wagon. ;)
** Organize my house: I admit I like things neat. My house is usually pretty tidy. Clutter drives me batty. BUT, drawers, cabinets, closets, pantries = hot mess!  Time to fix that.
** Find more soul time and get a good devotional to read every day. EVERY day. Need to keep my heart and soul focused on the important stuff!
** Try to cook at least 1 new vegan recipe every week or two: I have become pretty lazy with my chef skills. I eat a mainly vegan diet due to health issues so keeping it fresh and new is important for me and my very supportive family. :)
** Wear more color. I need not be afraid to stand out. Lol!
** Leap into new situations with confidence and gratitude. Worry about the insecurities later. :) Time waits for no one.

Whoa! I better get busy, right? I am sure I will add more to the list as the year progresses. I think I will transfer this list into a journal spread and get moving on making 2013 amazing!

What are some of your goals for the coming year?? 
I'd love to hear some of them!!