Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013

Happy New Year Everyone! How was your celebration? Our festivities were very mellow and relaxing. Just the Hubs and my kiddies eating dinner, ice cream, and a fun family movie together. Since we are in California and keeping my kids up until midnight wouldn't work...we celebrate east coast style at 9:00! :) We watch the ball drop and bang pots and pans. It's amazing how fun this is for kids. Simple pleasures I tell you. 

Journal page in the works
 I am really looking forward to 2013. How about you? 2012 wasn't bad and I wasn't chasing it out the door...but, I just really love the feeling of newness, beginning, and the expectation of things to come. It's like January begins and we all have a brand new life canvas to begin layering up with all the things 2013 will bring. That's exciting stuff!

Now, I will tell you...the word resolution makes me nervous. I am sure I wrote about it last New Year's. "Resolutions" just seem so daunting, looming, and for me negative. Maybe it's because I have not stuck with them in the past. How about you? Do you stick with them? If I word things differently...like calling them goals, intentions, expectations, wishes, or my focus...it works better. Funny how the mind works sometimes.  :) 

So here are some of my goals for the coming year. I thought if I actually wrote them down here, I'd be encouraged to follow through. Lol. I often have a plethora of ideas, but lack follow through. Now I will be held accountable! Kinda scary. ;)

Without further adieu...

** Blog more regularly
** Create one series for the blog and stick to it
** Commit to better storytelling with my pictures: My oodles of pictures often stay put on the computer. I need to be better about documenting things with something like digital books, journaling, Project Life, etc
** Drink more water: Yep, not enough right now!
** Begin making prints of some of my paintings
** Continue adding abstract painting to my body of work
** Learn to shoot in Manual mode on my camera: It is time!
** Teach more mixed media art classes
** Submit my work to be published: I always get so excited to see my bloggy art friends in magazines like Somerset!! I think I'd pass out if I saw my own!
** Write more tutorial, technique, and how to blog posts
** Exercise, exercise, exercise! I have fallen off the wagon. ;)
** Organize my house: I admit I like things neat. My house is usually pretty tidy. Clutter drives me batty. BUT, drawers, cabinets, closets, pantries = hot mess!  Time to fix that.
** Find more soul time and get a good devotional to read every day. EVERY day. Need to keep my heart and soul focused on the important stuff!
** Try to cook at least 1 new vegan recipe every week or two: I have become pretty lazy with my chef skills. I eat a mainly vegan diet due to health issues so keeping it fresh and new is important for me and my very supportive family. :)
** Wear more color. I need not be afraid to stand out. Lol!
** Leap into new situations with confidence and gratitude. Worry about the insecurities later. :) Time waits for no one.

Whoa! I better get busy, right? I am sure I will add more to the list as the year progresses. I think I will transfer this list into a journal spread and get moving on making 2013 amazing!

What are some of your goals for the coming year?? 
I'd love to hear some of them!!


  1. Hi Jen! Happy 2013, in our time zone, january 2 is about to end. haha

    I would love to share in your resolutions, wear more color, blog more often, drink plenty of water, and exercise??? Haha I badly needed that too.

    Wishing you all the best this year! I'm glad to have met you here in the blogosphere.

  2. Loved reading your list Jen... and can relate to quite a few... the banging of pots made me smile... I used to do that with my grandmother every New Years Eve... I had actually forgotten about it until I read it here... lovely memories... Happy New Year...

    Jenny ♥

  3. Great list Jen...When we celebrated New Years with some friends a while back, she did the pot banging thing...and the kids loved it....must admit, never heard of anyone doing this before then...and just thought it was one of the crazy things that my friend did!!....
    A lot of your resolutions mirror mine!!!...So heres wishing you a happy, healthy and Creative 2013 and may all your dreams come true in the New Year x