Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Time to Stamp

Let's talk a little bit more about mark making stamps! I shared some of my various tools found around my house back here on this post. There are so many interesting mark makers lying around, that I thought I would share some more. I love some of the little stamping goodies I have to share today...take a look!

Raid the golf bags and pull out a tee! Look how great you can create small circles on your page. I LOVE that you can flip it around and make darling, tiny dots with the other side. My hubby has lots of these cuties, he won't miss them. :)

My mom had given me a package of fun rubber alphabet stamps from Recollections. The stamps are fabulous to play with, but look at this spectacular box that came in the packaging. I am really drawn to circles, so I was super excited to find something other than a circle. Always look at wrapping and packaging. SO many good finds and it is way better to land in an art stash rather than the trash.

Now, we know food comes in all kinds of interesting containers. They may seem very simple and basic. But look at how interesting the bottom of this plastic cup makes marks. Very similar to the foam hair roller in my last stamping post (here). I love the different variations I get depending on the amount of paint. Plus, it is a still my heart. ;)

 I know it really stinks for anyone to be sick, but hang on to those medicine dispensers. Play around with them and see if they can make some marks of interest. I initially tried to suck up some watered down yellow paint and spray it out for a cool effect. Lol. Major fail on that one. But, I turned it around and used the end to stamp. I love the lines within the circles. 

AND...look at the inked image! It's even better. I can't wait to get these little glorious stamped circles onto a project. :)

I hope I inspired you to grab some unexpected little gems 
to stamp with on your projects. 
Where are you going to look first?

Happy Creating!!


  1. I've been looking for new marking making ideas. Thanks Jen! I got one of those medicine dispenser thingies.

  2. This is SO cool! I love how you organized your post too - and can't wait to steal one of Dave's tee's - matter of fact, he's out night golfing now :) xoxoxo

  3. When I was a kid we used to make rubber stamps too. But instead of rubber, we were required to use edible materials such as tomato, pumpkin or lady fingers. This post gave me some childhood memories too :)