Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Around the House" Stamps

I LOVE to use "found" objects in my art. Don't you? It's fun to find little things to add interest and texture to art journal pages, canvases, scrapbook layouts, or other projects. Last October I shared this post about some texture making goodies from my drawer of stamps. Today I have more to show you! 

Just look at some of the great ways these items can make marks on a page. I wonder what you can find around your house. Take a look! :)

This is one of the many (and I mean MANY) pieces from a building set my kids have. When I dip the end into acrylic paint it makes tiny little dots. Very cute and similar to a q-tip. Don't overlook all the lovely goodies that come in children's toys. It's like a wonderland of artsy goodness!

I was an elementary teacher for 12 years, so I have oodles of these rubber pencil grips. They make a darling circle pattern. These could be used to make adorable handmade cards or perfect for kids to create a masterpiece. Super fun and easy for small hands to grasp!

 Nature always provides such fabulous inspiration to me. You too? All I need is a walk, visit to the beach, or hike in the woods to make me feel not only refreshed (and grateful for such beauty) but also completely invigorated creatively. There is so much color and pattern available to us outside. Just look at this shell! A portion of a large shell broke off, and this piece made me smile ear to ear. I'd love to go on a hunt (whether in the neighborhood or somewhere special) with my kids to find some of nature's wonderful pattern makers. Hmmm maybe this weekend?

Containers and bottles from the kitchen make great stamps. Here is a small plastic lid from the top of a spice container. You can see the randomness of the mark depending on how hard I pushed down. I love that! I don't want everything perfect and precise. I like the surprise of random. :)

I think I saved the best for last. Who has some of those pink, foam curlers? I have a dancer in my house, so high curly ponytails are a must. I am sure you can find commercial stamps that make marks like this. BUT, pink rollers are inexpensive and leave divine circles. Also, they would make another "around the house" stamp perfect for kiddie hands! My little guy would love "painting" with these. Well, he is almost he is "over" things in about 2 seconds flat. I am going to give them a try though!! 

There you have it! Some interesting ways to use things from "around the house" for art making. What kinds of things do you use? I'd love to hear!
I am off to go find more pink curlers! :)

Happy Stamping Lovelies!

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