Friday, February 1, 2013

Alice Journal Page

I love Alice in Wonderland. Don't you? I  have always loved the Disney version and the book. When my daughter was younger with her long blonde hair...I always thought she looked like Alice. Plus, with a total obsession with all things Disney as a little girl, she had the CUTEST Alice costume. The other night Alice in Wonderland was on TV, so I snuggled up with my kiddies and watched it. So much color and interesting shapes in that movie!

So feeling very Alice inspired, I painted this journal page. I thought it would be super fun to paint one of my girlies like Alice. I wanted it very whimsical and sweet. I started with a pencil sketch...very loose and quick. I work best that way. Quick, so I don't get carried away thinking too much. If only I could expend that thinking energy towards finding a way to make laundry disappear in this house. Ha!

After a thin layer of gesso, I worked on the background with watered down acrylic and inexpensive Artist Loft watercolors. I used more acrylic for her body and the groovy purple shape going vertically up the page. I used watercolor crayons and more gesso for her face. As usual I added detail with pen and my Faber Castell PITT pens. Finally the stamped words and some purple sparkle.

The rabbit makes me laugh. His expression is too funny. He is like, "Um, WHAT do you think you are doing?" I am hoping to find a little metal clock to glue to his belly. Don't think that would be cute? I think it would be a fun addition. I guess I will have to go hunt in the scrapbook aisles of Michaels. Oh Darn! :)

 Well, that's it. That is my whimsical, little page. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy the coming weekend (TGIF!!). 

But, before I go... my heart is melting...

Happy Creating! :)



  1. those photos are darling... and your page is fabulous... captures Alice so perfectly...xx

  2. It's wonderful and that bright pink, what is that color? :)

  3. Your Alice is so cute! And the "real" Alice even more so .... :-)

  4. oh yes...just love love love Alice! Adorbs!!!

  5. Loving your gorgeous Alice and the little hare's expression. Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. Great journal page! Your daughter is adorable!

  7. My heart is melting on the overflowing loveliness. Your own versions of Alice in Wonderland are both adorable. But I prefer the cute little lady in the last picture :) Have a great week Jen! Thank you for always visiting my blog. I appreciate every comment you leave.

  8. Is that little cutie your daughter?! she is the prettiest Alice!! I love your painting, Jen. the colours are wonderful and the rabbit...super cute!

  9. Aweeeeeee, I was going to work on an Alice piece today! I'll tag you on IG if I end up doing that :) I LOVE her - and that little rabbit is my absolute favorite - well, but I love the dress too - well, no. It's your baby that's the cutest Alice ever! LOVE it all :) Oh, and you SHOULD totally do 29 faces - use this and start from day 5 . . . xoxo