Monday, January 3, 2011


I have my word for 2011! I didn't have one for 2010....
but I saw some great ones around on many blogs. 
I have been inspired by several this year too., I am feeling the need for one of my very own this coming year. Too overwhelming. I like words and goals. :)
So my word is......

That's it.

It's a small little word...but really can be life changing.
I think sometimes I don't have a joyful attitude or remember to find the joy in the little things as much as I could. Like my pastor was saying this last Sunday.... I find joy and contentment when things are going well. 
But, what about when they are not?
Can I still be full of joy.
And, I don't mean the fake, stick a smile on your face kinda joy.
I mean heartfelt, inner, sweet JOY.

So, I am going into the coming year hopeful that I can be joyful in all circumstances - whether good or bad. Even when things seem to be spiraling downward, I know there is a purpose in it. I just need to find it.

But...don't get me wrong, I am hoping for a LOT of wonderful happenings in 2011. The kinds of things that make me want to dance around the room. :) What is your word this year? 
What will make you dance like no one is watching?

 Joy 8x10 Mixed Media

Happy New Year!!


  1. love your word for 2011.

    i couldn't agree more that it is small but can pack a major punch!!!

    it sounds like your pastor had a good reminder for all of us. thank you for sharing.

    i wish you JOY beyond for 2011.

    mine word is every aspect of the world.
    clear up clutter, breathe life into all that i hold dear and true and
    focus on the relationships that mean the most to me...simplify and focus
    on what is truly imporant in life and give it my all!!!

    cheers to our words.


  2. Excellent word--keep it in your life, and good things will happen to you. I know we attract what we feel, so you can't go wrong. I have lots of words for this year--I'm trying new things, and a little afraid, so I need confidence in myself!

  3. Such a beautiful word work - I love the colors and the embelishments!