Sunday, January 30, 2011

Looking for Love & Hearts

I sooooo love my camera. I do. I have had  A LOT of different cameras and I am typically known as the "family photographer." Meaning you rarely see ME in any photos because I am always behind the camera snapping away. Anyone else? :) So, after my son was born - about a year and a half ago....
I finally decided to buy a digital SLR. I was hooked!

My little Love Bug at 1 month

Once I had my Canon Rebel  I couldn't stop taking pictures. My husband laughs at the mounds & mounds of pictures we have saved on our computer (mainly my kids of course). I tell him that it could be worse...I could have a different hobby. I don't know, say, buying shoes. :) 

Love Bug waiting for his sister

So you would think with all the pictures I take I would be getting pretty fancy, right? Not the case! Until recently I had only set the camera to Auto, turned off the flash, found good lighting if I could & snapped away. The manual setting intimidated me! But, I want to take advantage of this fabulous camera and really start to "learn" it.  That is something I want to work on this year - taking better pictures. There is SO much inspiration around on the blogs. And honestly....I am noticing the small things in every day life that I want to be sure to capture (and capture beautifully).

Lake Maime - Mammoth June 2010
So, in February I was happy to see that there will be some fun ways to work on my camera skills. First, adorable Chrissy is inviting people to find 
unexpected hearts. I love this. I can slow down and search the details in my life for something beautiful. I am looking - I am looking!! :)
Then, Jeanne who's style I adore is hosting All Four LOVE. Each Friday in February she is inviting us to "play along" & take pictures based on their weekly theme. This week it is Loved Deeply
So while I am looking....I can learn too from Becky at Farmgirl Paints. She is learning her camera also & bringing us along with her. Each Tuesday, she is sharing what she learns each week from a class she is taking, wants us to take some pictures & link up our pics. She is calling it the Thrive Project.

February is busy, busy....full of creative work. I love it. I am halfway done with Soul Restoration. Lots of art, reflection, praying, creating, searching, discovering, and relying on God and HIS infinite wisdom. 
February will be a wonderful, creative month - I look forward to it!!

What do you have planned for your February??


  1. Great pics, what an adorable child you have!!!

  2. Wonderful photos! It is my intention to read my owners manual for my camera too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Hi Jen :)

    Thanks for visiting me and sharing a kind word!
    Your little love bug is precious, love the photos.
    I'm on the lookout for hearts to share with Chrissy too. Happy Week to you!

  4. just love that picture of your son waiting for his sis. darling!