Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birthday Magic

I know my birthday was before Christmas...but I just had to recap.
It was the 40th (which I STILL can't believe!)
It was super fabulous though. Mainly due to this guy...

My Hubby - AKA Babe

He tried so hard to make it special & memorable for me. Too cute. Initially, (a couple months back) I wanted a huge party with all my friends & family....DJ, food, dancing (I LOVE to dance)...the whole BIG thing. Then I changed my mind and wanted simple...or simpler. Just a quiet night with Hubby, dinner, walking the art galleries in Laguna Beach - relaxing by the beach. He planned exactly that for me. He made me feel very special. The only "boo-hoo" was the rain. It was pouring! So, we decided to save the "art walk" around Laguna for another time.  Something to look forward to, right?! :)

We had dinner at one of my FAVORITE restaurants in Corona Del Mar called Bandera.

Then we stayed overnight in Newport Beach....still pouring. But that's ok. My mind envisioned this. :)

We had dessert and just spent time together. The Hubs knew how much I wanted to take the Soul Restoration online class from  
The Brave Girls Club. And look what this cutie did......

Me - very happy! :)

I also love simple, understated silver jewelery 
& I got a perfect silver bracelet that I adore. 
And for this one it is all about THE BOX. 
There is just something about this box. Right? :)

The next day we got coffee, hit the book store & then went to pick up my daughter from my parent's that afternoon. Hubby wanted to take "his girls" out for an early holiday dinner. We had a yummy dinner at PF Changs & then planned to go see a huge decorated tree outside the Westin Hotel... or at least that was the story he was telling us. 
He was obsessed with this tree
We HAD to go see this tree
At this point I was ready to get out of the rain and into 
my warm, cozy bed. 
But, shame on me...I should have known. Hubby loves to surprise. 
He surprised us with tickets to 
And I wanted my bed...No way! By the end of the night I wanted to fly. :)

photo credit OCPAC
I definitely had a magical birthday to remember and I am so very lucky.
Thank you Babe for making me feel like I am the only girl in the world.

Soul Restoration starts VERY soon and I am SO excited.
I am ready to be 40 and brave!
I can't wait!! :)


  1. what a wonderful man. how blessed are YOU!! i am so super excited that you are taking soul restoration. i am TOO! we can do it together. you are going to really love it i think.
    happy late birthday and what a guy...he.s a keeper.

  2. so happy to hear you had a magical birthday!!!!

    i love this sweet post and recap of your day!!!

    how incredible that your darling hubby gave you the gift of "soul restoration". i know firsthand being a brave girl alumni that this class is going to be just like your birthday was...MAGICAL

    see you in class!!!


  3. ps...i am a california girl too!!


  4. Well happy belated 40th birthday to you! Your day sounds absolutely magical, what a darling man you have! Everything he did for you was so thoughtful, can we clone him, lol?
    the Soul Restoration sounds fabulous, enjoy!

  5. What a fabulous birthday! A special birthday to remember.