Monday, January 31, 2011

Thrive Project I go. Taking action on my plan to improve my camera skills. I am hoping to someday have the mad skills of Jasmine Star. She is a wedding photographer, but I LOVE her....or maybe Tara Whitney. I LOVE her too. Amazing!!

This last weeks challenge for the Thrive Project was the Rule of Thirds. Basically in a beginners with not centering your subject. Becky does a much better job explaining of course. But that is the little snippet I tell steps. I need little pieces of information that I can digest, play with & then add some more. Layers...just like mixed media! :)

So here is my Sugar -I am so thankful that she likes to pose for her crazy camera toting Mama. :)

And...I have discovered Picnik . So easy and fun! Loving it! Do you use it? What do you use to edit or upload pictures? I have Photoshop too...but yet again I need to take baby steps with that as well. I am slowly finding my way around it. 

 Now off this computer so I can get Sugar to school, Love Bug down for a nap, and I can get messy with some paint. :) Have a beautiful, inspired beginning to the week. 


  1. Her hair is so pretty...she almost looks like a mermaid with it laid out like that. Great shot and example of rule of thirds. Thanks for linking up:)

  2. Good luck on the better photo skills... looks like you've already started out really great! :) Somehow, I can appreciate and know what good photography is, but how to make my photos look like that?!? Eeeek!!! Lighting, shutter speed, framing... Completely overwhelming.

  3. What a pretty little girl. I am with you. I just got a new camera last week and it is much more advanced than my point and shoot camera. Takes some getting used to that's for sure. I also use Picnik and so far I feel like it's just what I need at my level. :]

  4. beautiful picture!!!!

    i could use some major photography lessons!!!! love taking pictures just clueless as to what settings to have the camera on, etc...

    i love picnik....really fun to manipulate photos with and add text.


  5. Hi Jen and thank you so much for sharing this. I'm totally going to participate (when I can). I also would love how to use my camera better. This is perfect. Thank you.
    Great pic of Maddy. She's a doll.

  6. Hi Jen thanx for stopping by for a visit:O) I see you joined The Thrive Project Farm Girl Paints...I sooo wanted to join but I have a digital:( Have fun learning!!:O)

  7. your SUGAR is beautiful just like her mama. i am trying to learn along with becky too. she explains it JUST LIKE I NEED IT.
    happy february!

    i have a mac and don.t have photoshop on it...but really want it. kim klassen has some amazing tutorials on how to use it. i have used picnik recently and just want to get in there and figure it out. did you pay for the upgrade? or just the basics?