Monday, February 7, 2011

Loved Deeply

I have been meaning to write this post all weekend. But, this nasty cold I have has zapped all my energy! After some Dayquil and some rest - I think I can do it now. I want to link up to Jeanne and Courtney's
All Four Love!! 

This last week the theme was Loved Deeply. Take pictures of the ones in your life you adore. How fun, right? So, here are the ones that bring me immeasurable joy, laughing until my belly hurts, and blessings so deep -
 there are no words.
They simply take my breath away with one glance. :)

It was all about ice cream this week.

LoveBug ate it nice & slow savoring every lick :)
I am so glad SugarBean lets me take tons of pics!

I had to go into the archives for the next one. I needed a picture of my hubby. I love to see him with my kids. My heart skips a beat. :)

Yosemite 2010

This weeks challenge is to capture Love Unexpected. Hmmmm, kinda tricky. But, it is amazing what pops up when you least expect it!



  1. Jen, your kids are the most adorable little things! Your shots of them are equally as sweet as that ice cream :)

    xo, carissa

  2. your children ARE picture book perfect...that little guy eating the icecream cone...seriously cute stuff. i love to see the LOVE you have for your children and your sweet hubby. it makes me want to be a better mama and wife.
    thank you for sharing.

  3. so much love in this post and these beautifull pictures.

    your pictures are darling....and i love your nicknames for them!!!
    makes me smile!
    (i think my youngest has about 10 nicknames's a running joke in our family how many she will end up with!!!)

    i will definitely be on the look out for Love Unexpected.


  4. I agree about good daddies and their kids...the hottest thing about them:-). Great photos and thanks for playing along!!

  5. I so love these pictures. Of course they are so dear to my heart and what joy they bring. So thankful for such a talented Mommy to make those special moments a memory!