Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I love days like these

Seriously. Love.
Days that are full of creativity.
Taking in all the inspiration and letting go.
No self doubt, not over thinking - just painting & playing.

Moving from one thing to the next - 
journal pages, working on projects old & new, 
finding truths, trying new things, dreaming. (oh, how I love that one!)

I think I must have had paint everywhere. 
My shirt. My hands. My hair. My coffee mug. 
My dog. :) She likes to lay by the table. 

I don't always have days like these.
So I am very thankful for today. Very.
AND...looking forward to many more!



  1. LOVING these colors you're working in Jen!
    i also love days like that! :)

  2. YES...those are blessed days! I love them too! Good for deserve it!

  3. Love what you're creating girl. Keep it up. It is a beautiful day. I'm thinking of taking the kids outside. It's gorgeous out.

  4. LOOOVEE your painting!! How beautiful! I want to see more! :)