Friday, February 18, 2011

Thinking of the small....

Today is all about the small things.
The little moments have really been on my mind lately...
and I am clinging to them.
I am being reminded. 
Trying very hard to appreciate them,
not to overlook them or pass them off.

a warm cup of coffee
the smell of rain
my almost 2 year old's pure joy & zeal over his bath
a friend's cheery voice
playing princess checkers with my beautiful daughter
and the day's not over just yet. :)

In honor of the "small" - I painted small.

Just almost 2" by 4". A wee little thing. It is actually a wooden domino from an old set I had for my classroom. I think I might stick a magnet on the back & add it to my fridge for spring's arrival.

I hope the little things in your life are bringing you many blessings.



  1. Jen...I am right there with you! As I get older, I certainly am aware and ever so grateful for the small things in life...that are really big huge at the end of the day...snuggles with Tara, a hug from night, rain, art, and the connections we make on our blog...fill my heart.
    Oh Yeah...have yet to find a great white pen!

  2. We are in the same mindset--first, Christy's new class and now our latest posts--I just blogged about one of my simple pleasures! I love the simple pleasures in life! :)

  3. I encountered your blog through Diane's (My Art Journal) blog. I amazed by this short entry. From a far and without reading your description, the piece of domino looks huge.

    Designing little things entails a lot of patience and I think you have more than that.

    Thank you for sharing your work and I am now following your wonderful blog. Hope we could make a connection too. I would look forward for more posts. ;-)