Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Off to Oregon I go

I am leaving in about 15 minutes for a beautiful...but long trip to Oregon. My brother in law is getting married on Saturday and I am SO excited to see my family. Plus, who doesn't love a trip to the Pacific Northwest. I've got my journal, a few art supplies & my camera ready!

I can't wait to witness some love and snap some pictures.
Have a wonderful rest of the week & weekend.

I am behind on my photo challenges so I have some catching up to do when I get back. Not to mention She Art starting this coming Monday. :)



  1. Have a wonderful trip! Traveling mercies, too.
    Loving the half, juicy red heart!

  2. Have a great time Jen. My daughter was married in Portland--I LOVED that whole area of the country. If she hadn't of broke up with her husband :( and moved back home, we probably would have ended up there--we loved everything about it!

  3. I would love to see Oregon...something on my bucket list. Enjoy!

  4. hope your trip was WONDERFUL!!!
    i love laid back and artsy and fun!!!

    i will see you in the classroom today for SHEart!!!!

    happy monday!