Friday, March 4, 2011

A little bit of everything

Is time just flying by or is it just me?! I blink and the week is over. Seriously. I have a "To Do" list a mile long, so I think that just adds to it. The days just seems too short because I never quite get done what I was meaning too.

But before anything else...I must say that Monday was my little Jaxen's (AKA LoveBug) second birthday. Talk about time flying...... I CAN NOT believe how quickly he has gone from a little baby...

 to sitting up, drooling, and making us laugh

to walking, running, and discovering new things everyday

to the "big boy" who has all our hearts...I mean look at those big brown eyes!

Jaxen, I love you more than words can express. You have Mommy's heart and you always will. I am so filled with gratitude that I get to stay home with you ...playing, learning, growing, reading under the "Lillow" (his word for blanket) and just loving you up. You are so very, absolutely loved my little man.


This last weekend my family and I went to Oregon for a wedding. Let me just tell you that I have needed the last couple of days to recover.... I spent over 30 hours in the car getting to and from Oregon. Crazy, right!? We had to drive the coast on our way up because of unpredictable weather. I have never driven the coast. It is looong, but so beautiful. It is so amazing to see forest to your right and then see the beach to your left - and in our case snow too. Yes - we went the coast to avoid the crazy snow, but it decided to greet us anyway. :) After some hairball driving through rain, sleet, and snow...we got into the Portland area around 11:45 Thursday night.

We enjoyed family & friends on Friday, went to the wedding on Saturday, and got into the car at 3am Sunday to drive all the way home. 15 hours or so in the car with a 2 year old can be pretty interesting! As long as I kept him fed, entertained, and out of the car at our stops...he did great! LoveBug had a few meltdowns here and there...but, I think we all did! :) Next time we are staying much longer so I can really enjoy the city, family, friends, & beautiful surroundings. 


Finally, I started Christy Tomlinson's She Art online class this last Monday. 

She is the cutest thing ever & I adore her artwork. I haven't had much time this week to get started....but so many of the other ladies have already posted their girls to the Flickr group. I am hoping I get some time this weekend to get messy. Sad to say I have not been "creative" all week...and I am feelin' it! I seriously get a little grouchy. My family will appreciate some time for Mommy in the "studio." :)

I hope you have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Oh Jen-your little boy is adorable!!! wish him a happy 2nd b-day for me! I totally know what you mean about the time just flying's really kind of weird crazy! Tara just turned 2 in Jan. and I remember the day she was yesterday!
    Oh! Heard about the She Art class...let me know how it goes. And hope you get some serious time in the studio this weekend!

  2. First of all your little boy is so seriously cute and so sweet!!
    And next, I have been making some she art girls--this is so fun. It looks like you spend hours adding these layers, but when I did it with Christy--it just happened. I'm going to have to post my girls. I can't wait for next week's class! Christy is so fun and so funny!

  3. Oh my your little guy is the cutest kid ever! I just want to squeeze him!

    And thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! You made my day!