Friday, March 25, 2011


I love spring. Who doesn't, right? I love the newness of everything. Spring is a perfect time to clean things out, organize, make a new start on feels like a clean slate. It is refreshing. And, although it has been rainy off & on here in southern cal... I feel a new season outside & for me too. :) A happy, new season...

Funny thing is...every winter I love to put a beautiful wreath on my front door. You know, something festive, Christmas-y... I just LOVE a good wreath. For the last 4 years, as Spring arrives and the snow begins to melt (no...just kidding. No snow. I have just always wanted to say that. I live in southern California - it never snows. Usually sun all. the. time.) these two little birds come and make their nest in my wreath. I am not joking. The same little "birdie couple" start building their adorable little condo on my doorstep each year. I am on my third wreath now & we have to be careful when we open our front door. Mama bird's sweet chirping (every day) reminds us that a new season has arrived. :) I mean, LOOK at this cuteness that greets us every day!

Mama Bird sitting on her eggs this year
BEAUTIFUL blue eggs from two years ago
Last year, the nest fell. We had to keep the babies warm before putting them back up!

Needless to say, the nature around me is truly inspiring. The singing birds, new colorful wildflowers, the green, GREEN grass from the recent rain, the big, puffy clouds - gorgeous. So with just coming from Christy's She Art class (which, by the way, starts up again April 11th) and all the wonderful signs of spring around me - I am feeling a load of inspiration. Birds, flowers, bright colors, bunnies, and butterflies are dancing around in my head. I can't wait to dig in, get messy, & paint.

Are you feeling refreshed or renewed this spring? 
I am embracing that feeling with my arms WIDE open! :)
I need it!!



  1. Your home is so lucky to house a birdie couple and their offspring. My mother takes care of a love birds who would give our entire home happiness whenever we see a hatched egg.

    Happy Spring to you and your family. I wish you more happy and memorable activities this spring time!

  2. Jen,

    these pictures are just the sweetest! i can't imagine having that greet me each morning!!!

    i love spring too...born and raised in the midwest (now a so cal girl too)...spring was always welcome with HUMUNGOUS OUTSTRETCHED ARMS! the start of something new creates new hope.

    sending love to you and yours.


  3. Oh! Those sweet birds. I love that they come find you every year. So sweet.
    Happy Spring! I haven't gotten the fever yet. I'm loving the cloudy, gray days too much.

  4. jen...
    THIS IS SO WONDERFUL. those photos are priceless. i would be afraid to ever open the door! i always want little birdies to come make their homes close by me too...but they never do, so it is so fun to live vicariously through you.
    did you just love christy's class? i didn.t get to paint and play as much as i would have liked but i plan on it the next few weeks. i think it is so funny that you posted the saying ..."sing a new song!" i have that quote in my art journal from so long ago and it ALWAYS stands out to me and says..."paint me! here i am...paint me!"
    maybe this is another sign.
    you are just so cute and creative.
    huge monday hugs to you.


  5. I just can't believe that birds would nest there, but isn't that the best thing. How special.

    It was so hot yesterday. I just had to get a frozen yogurt! :)