Monday, March 14, 2011

The art of a child & turning 6

I love it.
 Don't you?
There is nothing better then my daughter bringing me a picture....handed over like a prized possession, with her grin ear to ear. She is always so proud & can't wait to hear what I think.

Yesterday, during Sunday school my son (now that he is a big 2 year old) made his first project. You should have seen the look on his face when he gave it to me. Such pride and excitement over some beautiful crayon & craft pom poms glued down. Too cute! I would have pictures, but by the time we got home he had grabbed hold of it and ripped off all the ribbons & pom poms. :)

I LOVE, love when my daughter joins me at the table - or any where else we can find - to create. She loves art just as much as I do & has quite the creative flair. She often says she wants to be an artist when she grows up, although that changes day to day. :) She teaches me things every time we paint together! She shows me how to just let go & not be scared to try new things. I love how kids have such confidence in their creations. It is so real, honest, & unafraid. They haven't yet been pulled down by the inner critic or not so nice comments. Their masterpieces can have crazy hair, purple skin, feathers for eyelashes, and butterfly wings on the hips. Seriously. Brave. 
Oh, and undoubtedly a fabulous story that goes along with it.

We celebrated my little Picasso this last week. She turned 6 Monday. (She & her brother celebrate their birthdays exactly 7 days apart)
I can not believe it really. Six...really - already??? Yikes, where does it go?
I am so blessed to watch my healthy girl thrive, grow and discover this wonderful life that God gave her. I hope that she continues to walk through this life with that confidence she has right now.  

After the events of this week I appreciate this time I have with her so much more. I feel so, SO amazingly blessed that she was given to ME...little ol' mother & care after. I THANK God for each day!

Happy 6th birthday my sweet angel.
You brighten each day & you are so very loved!!
Snuggles & Kisses.


  1. Happy 6th birthday to your angel! I love this post! Everything you said here was true. I also adore the natural confidence and boldness of children. You just can't let them down. They have this unique way of seeing the world.

    I wish you and your angel more happy and healthy years of being together. I am not a mother but I am a daughter. I'm sure if your daughter reads this, she will be more than happy to have an appreciative and loving mother like you.

  2. Oh my goodness, just reading this and seeing the year by year pictures just bring tears of joy! So blessed to be a part of her life and we enjoy every memory we have with your children.

  3. Oh Jen! your sweet baby girl is just sooooo beautiful! Wish her a happy birthday...she is too cute. Seeing all her pics ...I actually started crying (maybe it's hormones!)...I can just imagine how time just flies by!! Why can't it stay still for awhile??? And yes...I love that about they are so fearless in their creating...I learn from Tara too everytime I paint with her.
    Also...thank you so much for reading my interview with Rita Banerji.