Friday, February 11, 2011

Love Unexpected

All Four Love

 I should have known.
The evidence is everywhere.
I have always been quite creative and crafty.

When I was little I liked to write my own stories and illustrate them on the back of paper my dad brought home from work.
During my senior year of high school I won the "big award" in photography class for taking pictures of my little brother.
(Thank you Mikey for being my muse)
At UC Santa Barbara I ADORED my Art History classes and took as many as I could all the while being a psychology major.

My family has always called me "Mini Martha" because I always needed to make things look just right & liked to seriously decorate for parties.

My daughter's Alice inspired 3rd birthday

When it comes to giving a gift - I try handmade with "fancy" wrapping.
While I was a teacher (for 12 years - YIKES!) my favorite lessons were always the ones that had the kids & I getting our hands dirty or 
minds thinking....

 So I should have known.
It really should not have been so unexpected. planning - expected.
But, if you would have asked me years ago -  I would have never thought that I would fall "head over heels" in love with painting.  
Soul fulfilling - Art.

It is my
Unexpected Love.

I now adore:
  • reading about artists
  • paint all over my hands
  • my kitchen table "studio"
  • pouring over Artful Blogging or Somerset
  • 40% off coupons from Michaels :)
  • journaling
  • Modge Podge!
  • the dream of an ART retreat
  • art classes (She Art you are next!)
  • Following inspiring blogs
  • saving "trash" to make junk journals
  • And it goes on.....

I am so thankful that God has allowed ART into my life and for
a supportive family who help feed my passion. :)
So unexpected, BUT so welcomed!!

Next week's theme is Love Yourself.
That should be interesting...come join the fun!
TGIF! Right????



  1. Well guess where I just went to sign up after reading your post??!! :)
    I'll see you in class!!

  2. Beautiful post!!! I feel the same way about art...such a sweet gift! Thanks for playing along. I look forward to your photos next week.

  3. daer Jen-WOW!! You are seriously artsy!! I love the Alice theme for your daughters's b-day and...yes!!! Those 40% off coupons are AWESOME!!!
    I think it's such a gift that you have allowed your creativity room to grow and breathe and sing.
    thank you so much for reading my interview with Diana and visiting my blog today. Happy Valentines! xxx

  4. Wow Jen,
    I love your list and so agree, these things make my heART sing!
    I found you over at Chrissy's; Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Sweet little blog you have here.

    Loving your all four love images.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  6. I so love this post. Our lists would look the same. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Reading this post sounds a lot like me. :) Paint on my hands always makes me smile. I finally got around to cleaning up some of my art mess this morning. One day I hope to have my own fabulous studio in my house where I can close the door on the mess and keep the rest of the house presentable.
    Happy Weekend to you Jen!

  8. HOW did I miss this post last week?? I LOVE it. Love that we both did art too! Your Alice party is beautiful and I absolutely LOVE that you and I are on the same page with our unexpected love. :) Your list of things is sooo how I feel too! How fun!

  9. i LOVE your list Jen. all the things we have to be thankful for. thank you for that reminder. i'm so glad you have people around you to support your ART-ing adventures.