Saturday, November 5, 2011

Journal Love

Journal Page using watercolors & water brush
  I may have already written a post with the same title...but, I just can't think of anything else. I just LOVE my art journal. So that title is totally stuck in my head. Journal Love

I started a new journal this past summer. I bought one to work in for
Kristin's Summer of Color. After Summer of Color (fabulous-ness) ended, I had lots of pages left.  My goal is to have it finished before 2012. I want it to represent my art from 2011.  No pressure though...I try to make my journal a pressure free place. Just fun, experimentation, joy, feelings, ideas...all that good stuff (and bad too!).

I love how it is getting fatter & fatter. I can't wait to see what it looks like when I am all finished. 

The other night, while I was watching Project Accessory (yes, totally sucked in. I love Project Runway. So naturally I am watching the spin off. But I am missing my Tim Gunn!) I pulled out my watercolors, water brush, and journal. I didn't put too much thought into it...and just painted. My water brush is fairly new, so I am having tons of fun playing around with it. I like that I can take my water brush with me anywhere. My studio is upstairs, so I love how convenient it is to move around. 
Do you have a little portable art kit you take with you? 
I think I need to make one!

That's it! :)
Happy Journaling!

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  1. That is a good title. :) Great pages!

  2. Lovely page Sadie, I love how my journals grow fatter and fatter too. Although because I'm always making more I end up hardly ever finshing one because I've usually got ten on the go at once - insane! Thanks for sharing, much love Jennibellie x

  3. Wonderful page, and yes I just started using my waterbrush--it's fun to use!

  4. those pages are gorgeous! thanks for sharing!

  5. Cool page and I like Journal Love. Isn't it fun to see your journal expand and grow? Later you can sit and page through it and remember all the fun you had making it.

    I don't have a "to go" art kit. My studio is right off the family room so I'm right in the midst of things if I want to create.

  6. Beautiful pages! Thanks for visiting my blog- I'll be back!

  7. Yeah... Love is all we need! every human would seek....very nice painting

  8. Hi Jen! I missed a lot from your blog. Sorry if I haven't visited you for quite a while.

    I love notebooks and journals too, especially if its handmade. I hope I could see and touch each page of your art from the heart journal. She is a piece of priceless beauty.

    And the title you chose for your journal is so fitting. Simple but very true message. I can relate!

  9. Love how your journal is getting "fatter and fatter," too! :)

    Wonderful colors and rhythm!

    All the best,
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  10. Your 'fat' journal is looking full and fab!
    ..and yep..Love is all you need!
    No. I don't have a portable art kit, but my art/craft room is down stairs in the conservatory and my arty bits are usually scattered about in every room LOL!!
    Jan x

  11. Gorgeous colors! And journal love is a perfect title!!!

  12. Your book is beautiful!! Be proud!

  13. I love your journal, Jen! I have a tiny one too, that I take with me everywhere :)

  14. Great title and beautiful pages. Thank you for sharing.

    I am now following you so I can come back to visit with you.

    Have a great day!

  15. I never thought of keeping an art journal. What a fabulous idea! I love yours.

    Thanks for visiting me today!!!


  16. Oooh, what a nice surprise to see me there! Thank you so much for your sweet comment - it really means a lot!!
    AND I LOVE this post . . .first of all, you should know that your dedication to your pages have really inspired me to get into one of my own - just bought a large Moleskine from Aaron Brothers and I can't wait to use it - I was thinking of your coffee page when I bought it!
    I love the idea of your doing a book for the year too - I will be doing that with Life Book starting Jan, can't wait.
    Lastly, those are some really great shots - I LOVE the second picture especially, xoxo

  17. your pages and blog for that matter are so happy and inspiring. I think you can have a whole chapter or even a book called journal love :) I have seen those brushes but haven't bought them yet. I hear all the raves, so I should try them out for myself.

  18. art journaling= so much fun it should be illegal:) Isn't it amazing how it can fill up so thick and yummy?? Oh! And yes...working on backgrounds is so relaxing...meditative.

  19. I totally agree about loving ones journal ;0) your is so colourful and bright ;0) Dxx

  20. Wonderful page for your journal, Jen. Love is always a good topic. I know the whole journal is a work of art.