Wednesday, November 9, 2011


 Yesterday I read a wonderful post on Christy's blog and was introduced to Hilary Weeks' music. She sings an amazing song called Beautiful Heartbreak.
I was so moved by her video.

It just made me think about how strong we all are. That human spirit can endure the worst and still come through tragedy or heartache victoriously. I know we all get that miraculous strength from different places - God, family, friends, our children, a song, inspiring words, strength in others, etc - the list is a mile long. I am so amazed by what people can overcome. I would never wish heartbreak on anyone. EVER. But, I think if we all could wear signs (like in the end of this video) showing the dents we have in our hearts, we may just treat others (and ourselves!) with even more love and compassion.

HE Gives me Strength 5X5 stretched canvas 

 Adding this to This Art That Heals - Word Art Wednesday.



  1. What a great piece to visually present "strength". I agree, we all have wounds tucked into the depths of our souls. The strength comes in the connecting, the sharing, the supporting with others.

  2. I've sat looking at these piece for a few minutes and I'm still spotting more - LOVE all of the layers you have added. Great piece, thanks for sharing, hugs, Jennibellie xx

  3. Hi there, thank you for visiting my blog and playing along in my Word Art Wednesday challenge.
    Your wall art piece is absolutely beautiful. The colors are soothing and I love the words He gives me strength. I have to often reflect on those words as sometimes I get that, I can do it all by myself attitude and soon realize that I am weak. Thank you for sharing this.
    Have a great day!

  4. so beautiful .
    Love your blog.
    Follow each other.

  5. One word but very moving and powerful Jen. I was actually captured by the title of your post.

  6. What an inspiration your post is, Jen! I love the 5x5 canvas with He gives me strength. Gorgeous. Faye

  7. I adore you Jen! this is awesome. Thanks for your sweet congratulations and for sharing this beautiful canvas, xoxo

  8. I love this piece. Thank you for sharing it, today was a good day for a reminder.