Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Twelve Things I'm Loving on 12-12-12

What a special day right? 12-12-12
I thought it would be fun to share twelve things 
I am adoring right now. 
What better date to have fun, relax from the Christmas To Do list, 
and share some fabulousness!
So off we go............

One: Snowflake Decorating

I am collecting all kinds of snowflake things & ideas. I love filling my house with wintery delight for my family. Especially since we live in southern Cal where winter is very mild. I created a fun "Let it Snow" treasury on Etsy the other first treasury. It was super fun! Take a look right here. Don't forget my quick snowflake candle tutorial right here too! 

Two: The New Twinkle Twinkle Etsy shop by Kristin Van Valkenburgh
Her artwork is gorgeous and if you haven't already visited - pop over and check it out!! :)

I am Mommy
Three: Pine Cone Wreaths
I am in love with the pine cone wreath I made for our front door. I had seen several in magazines and Pinterest. I thought it would be perfect for our front porch. (which has a snowflake thing going on - of course!) I had most of the things on hand, so it only cost a dollar to make. All I did was hot glue pine cones (gathered by my kids) to a grapevine wreath which I already had. The only thing I purchased was a bag of small, gold pine cones from Michaels. One word of advice...if you give this wreath a try, you may want to have E6000 glue as well. I came home to a couple pine cones on the ground. Let's hope the rest survive!

Four: Instagram
That goes without saying! I. am. in. love. It has been such a wonderful way to grab little pics of Christmas time. I am really needing the quick and ease of it! LOVE!!

Watching Christmas movies

Five: Whimsy Elves
Inspired by some of my kid's artwork. She is too cute!


Six: Kraft paper wrapping
So simple and pretty. Right? Sigh.

Seven: Book Page Wreaths
OK. Now, I know these have been around for awhile and you can see them all over bloggy land. But, I am obsessing over them. I will make one! 

Eight: Jeanne Oliver's Thoreau Collection
Holy Moly I love Jeanne's style. Have you seen her new collection? She just released her new collection of bags, jewelry, vintage goods, etc. You must go take a look!! Her pictures will make you swoon too. :)

Click below to visit her lookbook

Nine: Skinny Peppermint Mocha with Soy Milk
Enough said! :) 

Ten: 4x4 chunky canvases
Oh my heavens! I just finished a bunch of these little fabulous canvases for a commission I was working on and fell in love with them. I ran back to Michaels right away to get another pack of them (60% off that day!) I love the big sides. There will definitely be more of these!

Eleven: The previews for Les Miserables
Are you going to go see it? I can't wait!! 

Twelve: You. Yep, You.
I am so thankful for you. Those of you who take a little time out of your precious lives to read these words, comment and follow. There is so much love, heart, truth, encouragement, and inspiration in this Bloggy art community. People sometimes wonder why I blog. Why do I write my story here. They may wonder. But, I never do. You (and all your fab blogs) make it all worth it. :)

Now what are you loving these days???

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  1. Priceless! I love that cone inspired wreath and the girls watching TV near the Xmas tree.

    Have a great day Jen!