Sunday, December 9, 2012

Little Snowflake Candle Holder Tutorial

 This year I have been using a lot of snowflakes around our home for decoration. When I needed a pretty little container (or two) to hold embellishments for my art class, I decided to try something I have seen around the creative, crafty blogs. (Oh, and of course Pinterest! Don't get me started there. SO MUCH inspiration. People are brilliant...I am always saying, "Why didn't I think of that!")

Anyways, I wanted something quick, easy and inexpensive. At about $2.15 each - it's a steal! It is a plus that after using these darling holders for class, they now can bedazzle my house. :) So here is what I did...

Supplies:  Glass votive (Dollar Tree)
               Glass candlestick (Dollar Tree)
               White sparkling snowflake (Target)
               Twine (Michaels)
               E6000 glue (from my stash. I love this glue. Very strong. But, use in ventilate                      area - that is a must!)
                 Popsicle Stick 
               Small white candle

First, use your E6000 glue and squeeze a small dollop onto the Popsicle stick. (You better be in a well ventilated room! Promise?) Spread the glue along the top of the candlestick making sure that you cover it all. (The glue does dry clear, but you will be able to see it when there is nothing in the glass. I don't worry much about that because I always have something inside.) Press the two pieces together firmly trying your best to center the votive top. I place something with some weight inside and set it somewhere safe to dry. 

How easy was that!? Now the possibilities for jazzing it up a bit are endless! For this project all I did was take my snowflake and thread the twine through it. I then attached it to the new candle holder by knotting it on the backside.

I filled the bottom of the candle with salt to look like snow and added a small candle! I also tied a little more twine around the neck of the candle. That's it! So easy and super cute.

Are you creating new things to spread around your house this Christmas season? I'd love to hear!!


  1. DIY yet it looks so elegant and expensive Jen! I can actually share your craft to my friends who are handling events and dinners.

    Hope you are having a great week ahead :)

  2. it's absolutely adorable!! it would work beautifully for holidays or winter weddings!

  3. Um, yeah! LOVE THIS!!!!
    And uh, I practically eat the stuff - E6000 - you would be so unhappy with me if you saw how much I use! And I did see something cool on Pinterest - to glitter up dollar store figurines - like little deers and stuff - I think I'm gonna try that to tie on packages? xoxo

  4. You are so smart!! I love this, Jen! I made some ornaments for my tree, with paper clay and tons of glitter!

  5. Oh Jen... your snowflake candle holder is adorable... I love that you sat the candle in salt... it does look like snow... truly beautiful...

    Jenny ♥