Sunday, July 8, 2012

Strawberry Lemonade Sunday

Whoa, I had a hard time staying focused this week. I tried getting my page for Summer of Color 2 finished a dozen times...but, couldn't seem to get it together! The strawberry lemonade colors are so soft and pretty...just look...

I went through all my loot looking for yellows and pinks. I found a bunch of fun stuff. I threw it all in a pile and loved what I saw. I collaged all the different papers onto the background in my 9 x 12 journal. After that I think I just had too many ideas floating around my head which totally welcomes indecisiveness in me. Boo!

I wanted to do something abstract...then I felt like doing one of my little girlies...then a whimsy portrait popped up...then I felt like focusing on a quote...then I felt like grabbing scrap wood from the See what I mean!? ALL over the place this week. I think I finally threw down the paintbrushes and went to find something to eat. (Nothing a little treat can't solve!)

YES please!
So, finally last night I simply started playing with the paint. I took the things I had collected and just let everything flow naturally without thinking about it...making fun little marks, doodling, swirling, relaxing, finding my mojo. :) My intent really was to just use up all the paint left on my palette (no paint goes wasted! No way). Isn't it funny how when the expectation of producing something "fabulous" - in this case something presentable for Kristin's challenge - is lifted...everything just begins to fall into place. Does that happen to you? Major mind games happening over here! :)

Anyways, here is the final product of my playtime - Breathe in Sunshine. Yes, yes..take in all those sparkly, sunshiny things and let those dark clouds float away.

Still working on this page
 I hope you got a chance to read my interview at Jennibellie Studio. If not, please come check it out right here! :)

Happy Sparkly Sunday!


  1. This time you played with lively pink and yellow. I like it and I guess having that natural artist in your blood, things will really fall in place when you start doing things :)

    Have a great week Jen!

  2. This is very awesokme. So beautiful. And you cookies too.
    Lovely greet

  3. Just lovely... love how it turned out.. your girlie is so pretty too...

  4. Your journal page is lovely. It turned out really well after all your trouble. I like your girl page too.

  5. Ohh how I love to go with you through all the progress :)) Love the girl you draw on the top!