Friday, July 13, 2012

Wild and Reckless Inspiration

 I had the best day yesterday. My Hubby surprised me with a new beach cruiser and we decided to take it to the beach for a bike ride. We went to a very familiar place - where we grew up. It was so fun to ride along the path that I had ridden hundreds of times before with my girlfriends. So many memories flooded my mind. It reminded me to cherish each day. To slooooooowww down sometimes and just relish in the moments that don't seem so huge. Do you ever feel like that too? We finished our ride just as it started to rain. So I got to stand in the rain and watch my hubby surf. I loved it! But, then headed to the car. :)

Waiting for the rain to stop.
So today when I started (yeah, I meant to already have this finished...dang!) the weekly color challenge for Summer of Color 2 today, I was feeling full of inspiration! I loooooved the color combination this week. Look at these colors! OH....and the name - makes me laugh! My personality is so far from Wild and Reckless. But, I think I have a little "wild" in there somewhere. :) Don't we all??

After collecting all my goods...

I started an abstract in my 9x12 visual journal. I already use a lot of blue. Shades of aqua and turquoise are my "comfort" colors. Adding purple and bright green makes the colors really pop off the page. I already had the perfect colors of Liquitex Acrylic Basics - Bright Aqua Green (opaque), Brilliant Yellow Green (translucent), and Prism Violet (translucent). I added the words "Cherish the day" using words printed off from my computer. (Little tip: When I want to use printed text, I always brainstorm a bunch of things and type up a whole page. Then I have a file folder near my desk with loads of words, phrases, and quotes ready to go.)

 After finishing my page, I was still feeling the color combo mojo and decided to make a small wooden painting. Wood is my favorite substrate to paint on (although chipboard and cardboard are fighting to take the lead) so I love to use these little plaques from the craft store. All you have to do is attach a small sawtooth hanger on the back and it is ready to hang. :)

Finally, (Geesh! I told you I loved these colors.) I painted a quick portrait in my smaller visual journal. The title is Capture the Joy. Just a tiny reminder to myself to not let others steal my joy. Things will happen day to day...but, ultimately we determine how we let these things penetrate our hearts and attitude. Find the bits of joy each day (some days are harder than others!) and grab them. Hold on tight and cherish them! :)

Which bits of joy are you grasping for today???

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  1. You've created lots of great art using those fun colors!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day at the beach! What is a beach cruiser?

  2. I use those three colors you have showing all the time... I love them together so much, my powder room is done in those three colors and I have three large painting using those colors too!!

    Your paintings are stunning all of them!! I love every one!! Well done!!

    Beach cruisers are so cool, modern yet so retro!! Nice post...loads of eye candy!!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Love your journal page and the cool color palette!
    Glad you had a wonderful day at the beach.
    And great tip on keeping a file of text to include in artwork!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  4. Wow! I love everything in this post Jen. The surroundings, the experience and your artworks are the best. You also played with the shades or blue and green, they are my favorites.

    have a great weekend Jen!

  5. Love each and every one of the paintings/pages! That little plaque is precious

  6. Love all your pieces - the colours are amazing! What a wonderful message as well!

  7. Love that journal page. It is so important to take time to enjoy the little things :)

  8. I am going out with hubby ...reliving our 80s days of cool bands and pubs...seeing inxs ...very these colours too...sounds like your day out was awesome as are all your beautiful pieces of art...well done you!!!xxx

  9. Oh wow I love your stuff ;-) so pretty and the sentiments were lovely!

  10. Ive never seen ice cream those colors before I wonder what it tastes like?
    Sorry but Ice cream gets my attention. I'd say you did a great job using those colors in your delightful art pieces.
    nice to hear about the childhood memories while bike riding with your husband too. ;0

    Happy PPF on Sunday.

  11. WOW. Totally gorgeous page! Love the colors, so light and fluid. You smaller journal is just too cute :).

  12. Precious trabjaos, it shows that you work with joy. Saludo

  13. You really did love these colors!And I love all your pieces, especially the second one on the wood, they're all great!

  14. ooohhh I love your pages, especcially the first one with the flowers!!! It draws me in ;)))

  15. I love this color palette, and your pages and little painting are wonderful.

  16. Lovely pages and plaque - with sentiments that should always be remembered :o)

  17. I love the colors on all three pieces, Jen! Don't you love it when inspiration strikes and the work just flows? Beautiful art today!

  18. I love the colors on all three pieces, Jen! Don't you love it when inspiration strikes and the work just flows? Beautiful art today!

  19. Beautiful pages, all three of them!

  20. That sounds like such a wonderful day! :) Love these pieces. The color combination is just fantastic! Cherish the day... YES!

  21. What fun work, I love them all.

  22. Absolutely gorgeous - you've really made these colours sing together!

  23. Hi! Just found your blog via Instagram.

    Love, love, love the colors that you used in these pieces. Very inspiring!