Friday, November 22, 2013

Adorable Fall Owl Craft

How cute is this little guy? It's perfect for a quick fall project, right? Thanksgiving break is coming next week in the states and this owl craft would be perfect to do with your kids, family, or grand kids. 

My daughter came home from school last week and wanted to teach her brother and I an art project they had done at school. She was super excited to show us! 
I have to give all the credit to her and her fabulous teachers. :) 
It is super easy and loads of fun.
Here's what she had us do....

Gather supplies:
pine cones
cotton balls
googly eyes
yellow round stickers
construction paper 

First, break the cotton balls apart into smaller pieces and begin stuffing them into the spaces in the cones. We didn't use glue for this. The cotton stays tucked nicely inside. I am sure you could use glue, but it is not necessary. 

After the owl is fluffed up, decide which side in going to be the front. Now, use the glue to attach two whole cotton balls to the top portion of the cone for the base of the eyes. Place a round yellow sticker in the center of each cotton ball. Then, on top of that glue a googly eye. Repeat for the other eye. 

 Using some yellow paper cut out a small folded beak and glue between the eyes. The final step is to glue a feather on each side for the wings. We just put a little bit of glue on the end of the feather and stuck it into the pine cone. There are lots of different variations that can be done for the wings! My kids wanted their owl to have brightly colored wings. :)

That's it! Your adorable owl is finished and ready for display.
SO cute!

Happy Creating,

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