Friday, January 10, 2014

Art Journal Volume 3 Complete

Oh my goodness do I LOVE a completed art journal. It is just so glorious to sit back and stare at this fat book of oozing goodness. Let me clarify that I am not saying that each page is a work of art. Ha! That is what makes an art journal SO special. It is the heart and soul that drips from the pages. This journal has really covered a huge variety of emotion...happy days, sad days, frustrated days, days for trying technique or colors, sweet girls, bright flowers...all kinds of things. That is what is so fabulous about having a place to just be free and get messy - it becomes sacred. :)

I am super happy that I have finished this volume 3 art journal because I can't wait to start another one. This time around I think I am going to order the 8x10 Strathmore Visual Journal. The 9x12 was wonderful, but I think a smaller size will help me "get it done" if you know what I mean. I want to stay active throughout the year with lots of art journal practice. A smaller journal may be exactly what I need. Also, I DO really like the Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journals. I like that the paper can handle lots of media and doesn't start falling out or apart on me.

It has taken me a loooooonnnng time to finish all the pages. I do work on other things at the same time as I work through my main journal. I have a small journal with just faces, a junk journal made from recycled stuff, altered books, canvases, shop goodies as well as mini albums & scrapbooking projects. So there is lots of creating going on. BUT, I do want to be more intentional this year about spending time working through the new art journal that I get. I NEED to spend more time...make more time really I guess. Time...I think it needs to help out a bit and slow down. There is just too much FUN stuff to do! ;)

Here are some pages...

I can't wait to share new pages I create!
Happy Creating,


  1. Hi!!! HOW funny - I just now posted all about art journaling! I agree, to make the time to do what we love is so important and your pages here are quite an inspiration! I LOVE your sweet, feminine style and bold text. Thank you for your visit and I hope 2014 is fabulous! xoxo

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  3. Thank you! AND YES, let's accumulate them together! Journaling here we come! xoxo

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