Sunday, December 19, 2010


It is the eve of my 40th birthday.
Seriously..... when did I get this old?
Everyone keeps saying, "It is just a number.", I AM going to believe them.
It IS just a number - and no where near how I feel inside.
I've been told by someone very wise that her 40s are FABULOUS
she has never felt better.
I love that. Simple, but true.
I am going to run into 40 with arms wide open - ready to embrace 
all that GOD has for me!
I am ready for some FABULOUS!  :)

My little "almost 40" fabulous self is hoping that between my birthday and Christmas coming next weekend, I am blessed with a little....

I have been hinting. :) 
I think every girl needs some
OH, and also some of Myste's GUT ART too.

I'll let you know. :) Until then - BE FABULOUS!


  1. Happy Birthday!! 40 is the BEST time!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! 40 is only the beginning! :)
    Hope you have a very special day.

    "To see far is one thing; going there is another."
    ~ Constantin Brancusi