Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Place

Maddie meeting Snow White a few years ago

 When I was little the "happiest place" on earth was Disneyland. 
The characters, the rides, the perfect beds of flowers, the food, the princesses, all the places for imagination to soar - a little girl's dream.  

I guess it is quite cliche... but so true. 

I live in southern California and now my family has annual passes to Disneyland, so we visit quite often. 
My kids - they LOVE it! What child wouldn't? 

Funny how things change as you get older. 
Don't get me wrong - I still love a day at Disneyland. I adore the look of excitement on my kiddie's faces, spending time with them, 
& riding a roller coaster or two....
BUT, now - THIS is my happy place. 
No coasters in sight. :)

Yes. It is true.
I love the bookstore.
Barnes & Noble especially.
They brew Starbucks. :)

I could spend hours pouring over magazines like Somerset Life or Martha Stewart Living. So many inspiring ideas, pictures, techniques, and articles. 
It is so fun to see artists that I read (blogs) in the magazines too! 
There is just so much eye candy!!
Well, and lucky me - my Hubby loves the bookstore too. 
(Seriously, I lucked out. He doesn't think it is boring!
We are just two little peas in a pod.) 
He grabs his cup of coffee and sits there with me, reading his own stack of books. The funny thing is on many occasions our "date nights" include relaxing at Barnes or Borders after a sweet dinner. 
Wow, have times changed right!? :)

I think tonight we may be off to the "happiest place." 
Nana and Papa have the kids...and Hubby & I are going out 
for a "wild" night....
at the bookstore. :)

Where is your "happy place"?


  1. Hello Jen! Happy Easter. I think we share common interests. I live in the Philippines and the magic of Disneyland even reached our place. It's my dream to visit that place too. Lucky you for the annual passes that your family receives. I also love bookstores especially the bargain books section. I swear I could spend a day in a bookstore. Another reason why you are lucky, you have your perfect pair! I would also want to end up with someone who share my interest in books. I find it so romantic.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Dear Jen-Can you believe that I have never even been to Disney??!!! We will take Tara though-hey! You live in Southern Ca? so do I!!! Where exactly...if you don't mind me asking? And I just LOVE the painted chalkboard idea! I have been wanting to try it out and have inspired me! There was a mirror under there??!
    Happy Easter too:)

  3. Oh my gosh Jen, us too! the best almost free date: grab a cup of coffee and wander around the book store. i pour over somerset & I'm not quite sure what he does... but we love it. They also have a great train table, so I can get my cup & my stack of somerset and plant it at the train table for a good hour with my 2 year old. the perfect (free) playdate...thanks for sharign. see you at barnes and noble!

  4. bookstore dates are the best!!!

    wishing you and yours a fun date night full of love, coffee and all things books!!!


  5. i can't think of a better place to be than the bookstore (i was just there this afternoon stocking up on all of those mags you were talking about!) with the special man in your that's a dream date!! :))

  6. You are a girl after my own heart! Bookstores, Starbucks, Somerset and Art! Perfect. Thank you for being a part of the Summer of Color - it's nice to meet you, xo