Friday, April 22, 2011

It is a good GOOD Friday...

Happy Good Friday!!
I hope it has been a beautiful week.

This is my new message board hanging in my hall. It used to be a mirror that hung in my daughters room. But, I have really wanted to transform something using chalkboard paint...which by the way, is SO my new obsession. I look around trying to find other things to tackle with chalkboard paint. I'll have to wait and see what other poor piece of furniture falls victim to the paint. :)
(AND... Home Depot has all kinds of colors!!)

I sprayed the outside with Rust-oleum's Heirloom White (I had to give it a try after seeing it so many times on Shanty2Chic), painted on the chalkboard paint (so easy, but needed a couple coats), then added some fabric flowers & 
Poof - a new life! 

The most adorable addition to this message today 
is my daughter's drawing. 
I mean, really..have you seen a sweeter Jesus?

She even drew little tears on HIM. 
A Kindergartner's artwork is priceless.
And, I love that she truly knows what Easter is all about...



  1. Hi Jen! I like your new message board. I admire you for being able to transform it from a mirror. Another art from the heart!

    It's good that you have captured your daughter's drawing. Keep that and soon you and your daughter will look back and treasure that.

    Happy Easter my friend!

  2. Oh my! What a wonderful drawing! We know how Jesus feels about children - so me must know how much he loves that drawing.
    Happy Easter!!