Sunday, September 25, 2011

I think you are finally here...

Welcome Fall 5x7 canvas board

 I do! 
I think Fall may have finally made her entrance.
I live in southern Cal & although it was in the 90's last 
it is cool, overcast, and perfect.
I love autumn weather and can't wait for...

changing leaves
cool breezes
boots (although I am a die-hard flip flop wearer)
turtle-neck sweaters
Pumpkin spice lattes (made at home!)
cuddling up in cozy blankets
pumpkin patches

I just love it!
Fall used to be my absolute favorite season. 
Now, I love each season for their little unique characteristics. 
I can't choose a real favorite...but, I am very happy that Fall is here! :)

I am looking forward to carving out some time this week in the studio and to work on my poor little ETSY shop that has been empty for months...
I mean, months
I am really anxious to work in my art journal too. I was watching some wonderful YouTube videos from Roben-Marie. So fun to watch!

I hope you are enjoying the arrival of Fall!!
Do you have any Fall favorites??



  1. I love fall, too. It is hard for me to admit to this at first, because I LOVE summer and flip flops and my teacher's vacation to recuperate...but autumn is such a beautiful time of the year. I love butternut squash and soup made with it. I love when football and hockey season begin again. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving and cool nights and hoodies. Hot coffee is better in the fall, too. And I love the September skies. Happy autumn to you and your family! Kathy

  2. We don't have fall in the Philippines. hahah Though during the last months of the year, temperature here lowers so we have our own share of the cold season. What I love about the fall season are the fashion because I can use my jackets and I just enjoy the cold breeze and the spirit of Christmas around. Happy autumn to your family and your paintings never fail to amaze me.

  3. Such a cute little artwork, love the whimsical nature of it. Wonderful!

  4. Ooooh, this is so sweet! I love your close-up shot - the photo and the art is beautiful. And the way you did her hair is really pretty too - I often find good hair to be a challenge ;)
    Thank you too for your sweet comments about my cat ;) xoxo

  5. So it! Definitely a wonderful welcome to Fall! POP ART MINIS

  6. Jen, I Adore your 'fall' girl :)
    I love the colours of Autumn... warming soups, cozy cooler nights.
    Have a wonderful 'fall' time :)
    Jan x

  7. This art piece really shows the wonderful feeling of Fall--for us here, it's the season that gently eases us into Winter :-( and it's never long enough!
    She's perfect!

  8. I dig your style. I think it's great that you don't put faces on your girls. I can never seem to get features just right.

  9. Oh...Fall! I love Fall. As a little girl, I grew up in Colorado. I experience the perfect Fall: cool, crisp, amazing colors. Then Southern California...Fall comes late but it comes. My bones ache for the cooler weather. Ha! I love to wear sweaters, clogs and scarves. There is noting like hot soup on a cool autumn night! The shorter days make me peaceful and I love to hunker down at home, watching the long shadows in the late afternoon.
    Now, I am in Arizona. Fall it here, too. I know because today will only be 100. :)

  10. ahhh, so cute! I am also so thankful for fall this year, and every year!

  11. Love your autumn colors against that crisp blue sky background!

  12. I ADORE her. I don't know how you are so talented!! Each time I see a new "work of art" by you I am just blown away and so touched at the same time. Each little detail of this gal speaks to me! Ohhh pleaseeesss start selling your beautiful things in you etsy shop! :o)
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy
    (and p.s. I would be honored if you linked up to my party this week too!!!)

  13. Oh your painting is so sweet! I love the fall colors on the beautiful blue background! Yes the drop in temperature has been wonderful ( I live in northern ca) but I don't look forward to it getting any cooler, this is perfect!!!Deb

  14. Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes to Kendra - I read them to her and she was thrilled. Thank you!! xoxo

  15. Dear Jen-I am so glad that Fall is here too..there is just something so magiacl about the way everything turns color and...sets on fire! I just love all the crisp winds and the magic of the season. Plus Halloween! xxx