Thursday, September 15, 2011

Recycled art...

It is done and hanging back on the wall.
I wrote last week (creating the background) about this piece of wall art 
that just needed to be changed. 
Why not do some thrift store shopping right off my own wall, right? 
Pretty convenient. :)

I knew once I had created the background, I just wanted to paint some very simple flowers, nothing too realistic. I used a new set of inexpensive watercolors that I bought at Joann's, graphite pencil, and pens. 
I love using the watercolors! 
I think it is fabulous that this...

Turned into this...
And the best part  - it was free. :)

I am having a great time reworking some things 
I have around my house. 
I am feeling like I need to change it up a bit. It is just time to make my surroundings reflect more of where I am now, what inspires me, and what brings happiness to my family.
I am finding all kinds of inspiration on so many blogs & Pinterest (come follow me if you'd like! I'd love it!) So I am looking forward to sharing.

What changes or additions are you making to your home?


I am linking this up to a wonderful blog  Crafty, Scrappy, Happy. 
Come find some wonderful ideas!


  1. Wow this is the final output. I love it Jen! Beautiful inside and out. The painting radiates beauty and it spreads happiness.

  2. I KEEP hearing about that site! I have to check it out . .. AND I LOVE your recycled art - your whimsical flowers are a perfect compliment to your soft and elegant background. Bravo Mama! xoxo

  3. What a fun project - I love watercolor on gesso (and the message of this is great)!


  4. Looks beautiful and I love that it's recycled!

  5. I love how you altered your old wall art, it really turned out fresh and fun! :)

  6. LOVE how it turned out, Jen! Great idea to recycle instead of throwing something away.

  7. it looks awesome!!! love your style girl:)

  8. What a bright idea Sadie! I agree that we should change the things and allow it to reflect more on what we are.. it is truly refreshing piece! I haven't done much for our home but I am looking forward to that experience soon! Thanks!

  9. It turned out so well... I love it.

  10. LOVE your painted transformation!I re-did a bench recently and it was sheer fun.
    My Blog

  11. ohhhh my goodness I am IN LOVE with this one too!!!! and wait it says you linked up?! howwwww did I miss this?! I. AM. SO. Sorry. You are SO talented my friend! so so so! Thank you for sharing your talent with everyone!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy