Saturday, April 6, 2013

Scrap Wood Mini Canvas - Bloom

Look at this cute little bloom doodle on wood! So cute, right? And...just perfect for spring. I have been working on a commissioned collection of three larger floral panels painted in this style. But, this little cutie came from the "trash stash" that I keep handy in my garage. Between my hubby and I, there is always bound to be some kind of project going on. So, I like to keep a plastic bin ready in the garage to collect any extra wood pieces. Initially, I was using this small piece of wood to test stain color. It measures smaller than 4 x 6. Super adorable! I needed to add some bits of sunshiny spring in my house and thought this would be perfect. I doodled this bloom using acrylic paint and my Uni-ball pen. It stands on this DIY (thanks very handy Hubby!) picture ledge (post coming soon!) in our front room.

Want to make one of your own? All you need is a scrap piece of wood (any size will do), acrylic craft paint (my faves - Americana & Martha Stewart), a white uni-ball pen, and some MinWax wood stain. That's it!! The wood stain comes in several different colors and I picked mine up at Lowe's. After you stain your wood canvas, follow the manufacturers suggestion for drying time - then get doodling! Don't bother drawing out a sketch with a pencil. Just go for it! I start with the white acrylic. Sometimes I will need to go back over it a couple of times to clean up my lines. BUT, I am totally OK with things not being perfect. :)

Once I am happy with the white, I add more happy colors. Typically on these pieces I have been using aquas, yellows, pinks, and corals. I like to add varying sizes of dots too. I just dip the end of my paintbrush into the paint to create the circles. I press my tip onto the wood using varying pressure to get different sizes. Q-tips, pencil erasers, and golf tees work well too. I make tiny dots and the really thin lines with the white pen as well. I love the look of the pen and there are so many things you can do with it to add visual interest!

These are supper fun to make and would make a sweet gift for someone special too. So, go grab some scrap wood and get busy! :)
I am going to make a bunch more to stick in my shop too.
 It needs some springy joy!
AND be sure to enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Happy Creating!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Jen... love the pretty soft colors against the wood stain... and how wonderful sitting in the picture ledge... perfect...

    Jenny ♥

  2. So beautiful and fun! I love your doodles, Jen, you have such a happy style in your paintings, they make me smile when I come over :))