Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Using Martha Stewart's Stucco Paint

It's always a lot of fun trying out new artsy or crafty products isn't it? There's always a bit of mystery involved. It might be homemade, bought, or given. No matter the case - a lot of creative fun is sure to be had. A couple places that often have crafty goods for lower cost are stores like Marshalls or TJ Maxx. Many times I have gone in search of something as innocent as socks and end up coming out with 6x6 paper pads, notebooks, stickers, Thickers, and other random goodies. Ha! At least they are a good price, right!? :)

A couple of weeks ago, while on the hunt for new shoes for my daughter, I found some Martha Stewart Stucco Paint at TJ Maxx. I had never used it before and thought it was probably something like modeling paste. Now, you know I adore modeling paste (especially Liquitex) so at $1.99 for the jar - I couldn't resist. It is no where near the size of the Liquitex tub, but I just wanted to give it a try. Plus, it's Martha! How could I go wrong?

When I was ready to play a bit with it, I opened it up and found it to be exactly what I thought -  thick consistency, perfect to be applied with a palette knife or popsicle stick. It is a lot like modeling paste, but definitively not the same "creamy" texture. Liquitex modeling paste looks a lot like butter cream frosting to me. It actually has a really pretty texture that can be pulled up into peeks, much like cupcake frosting. If I didn't know any better I would smear in on top of my dessert :) The Martha Stewart has a must grainier texture to it.

I tried my best in the collage above to show the difference in texture. The Liquitex is on the left in all three pictures. Can you see the creaminess? But, the point is to use it on canvas for texture and not eat it! Sooo, let's see how it works on a tag using a stencil shall we?

1) Martha
2) Liquitex (swoon)
3) Both tags side by side
4) Mixing in a little Martha Stewart craft paint (which I adore)

I can see the gritty texture of the MS brand in all of these pictures and after working with it, prefer my good ol' Liquitex. But, the stucco paint would definitely do the job of adding texture to any mixed media project. Some people may even prefer the grittier version. Either way texture is created! I am glad I picked it up. (They totally stick all these random goodies in the purchase line. It literally called my name. Seriously! Along with alphabet stickers and nail polish. Ha!) I will use it all up in a few projects and think it was a good artsy buy.

Have you tried anything new lately? 
Do tell!

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