Friday, October 25, 2013

Faux Flair Friday #3 - Dimensional Washi

This week I made some flair buttons using washi and Diamond Glaze. I have oodles of washi tape and finding ways to use it up always make me happy. I honestly don't think I'll ever use it all up, but it's worth a try. :)

In past weeks I have demonstrated how to make faux flair using scraps of paper and got artsy making some mixed media beauties as well. The process is basically the same this week, I just simply traded out the one inch epoxy stickers for Aleene's Paper Glaze or Diamond Glaze. (You could also use Mod Podge Dimensional Magic)

Let's get started!

Grab some more scraps or plain card stock, washi tape, and a one inch circle punch. I used the back side of my one sided patterned paper. I am really trying to use these up too!

Cover your paper with the washi tape you choose. Some patterns on the washi will line up nicely while others will not. That didn't bother me though. Embellishments or words can always be added afterward to hide the imperfection. :)

Next, punch out the circles. In hindsight, I should have used a wider piece of paper so I could have punched two circles. I just punched some semi circles out from the left over space.

Now, it's time to jazz your little pretties up! The great thing about making "flair" buttons like this is that your embellishments do not have to lay flat. When using epoxy stickers that is not possible. Here I was able to use stickers like me & my BIG ideas mambi STICKS. They are so cute and have a great price. I also used some Cosmo Cricket word stickers from Joann's.

I placed my flair badges in a flat, shallow box and began adding Aleene's Paper Glaze. I also made some using Diamond Glaze as well and prefer it to the Aleene's. I always try out the glaze on a scrap paper before adding it to my projects. Also, keep a tiny pin near by to poke any air bubbles that might make their way into your circles. I move slow in a circular motion watching the nozzle to see if I can catch any bubbles before they come out. If they do, just pop them with the pin.

I cover mine up with a plastic lid and let them cure for at least 24 hours. I added glitter to mine to give them a bit of bling too!

They turned out darling! 
I am looking forward to making some more for some upcoming Christmas projects! (I am trying not to hyperventilate... the holidays ARE here, and there is SO much to do. That's why my motto this year is simplify & simplify some more!)

Happy Creating!
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  1. Hi Jen! You are also joining the washi tape craze now! Great crafts again.