Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Time to Spruce Up the House with Art

Yes it is! It is time to spruce things up around here. It has been on my TO DO list over and over to start adding more to the walls around here. It is slowly getting done and man, does it make a difference! I am adding kid's art, my canvases, favorite pictures, mirrors, and prints. (Prints mainly free for personal use prints found online and from the NEW DIY Gallery Art pads from me & my BIG ideas.)

One of my favorite ways to add some pizzazz to our walls is to layer a print on top of some fab scrapbook paper. Below is a picture of a black frame I used for out master bedroom. All I did was add a matte, cut down this amazing script writing scrapbook paper to peek out behind a quote. SO easy and I love how it turned out. Script writing is such a hot trend right now. I see it everywhere. I always love bold black and white with a pop of color. This script writing paper came from a new mambi 12 x 12 pad you can find right HERE. I think it is also at Hobby Lobby.

We are also working on making my daughter's room a little more "grown up" and "fancy." Adding colorful, fun art to the walls always helps. Look how cute it would be to add this print to a scrapbook paper that looks like it is painted. This paper is another sheet from the Paint Pallette 12x12 pad. You could easily paint it yourself or just snag this sheet. :)

We have already collected lots of great art for her room from amazing artists like Danita, Danielle Daniel, and Michelle Allen. I can't wait to see it all put together. Hopefully soon!

Hope you are having a creative Tuesday!
Happy Creating,

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