Friday, August 1, 2014

The Journey of the Mixed Media Mini

Yes! The journey of the mini book. I call it a journey because it has taken me a bazillion years to get it put together. (well, maybe not quite that much...but you get the picture) I initially painted these cute girls like a mad woman on a mission. One page right after the other. I was inspired. Then they just sat...and sat...and sat. Does that ever happen to you? I mean, I guess I know inspiration can hit like a tornado and create intense focus. BUT, I didn't want to loose steam on my little whimsy girl book!

SO, today I wanted to share some of the pages. Each page is made from some recycled food boxes like cereal or crackers. I busted out a ton of backgrounds, having a blast playing with different mediums. Then I would sketch and work on the girl. Finally I added a quote, scripture, or words. 

When I started the book, it had been awhile since I had my hands messy with paint. It felt SOOOOOOO good to sling some paint again. :) Seriously... my art table is my Happy Place. 

Grace Girl
I love her pink hair. I love the words too. Don't you? True love never really works without giving other people grace. It's hard for sure. Sometimes they don't deserve it. Sometimes I really have to dig deep in order to give someone else grace. AND...they have to do the same for me. Thank goodness I have such amazing friends and family. :)

Truth Girl
Hmmm, more pink hair. Maybe it's the secret desire that I want cotton candy pink hair? I don't know. It always shows up on my girls. Hmmm, maybe a pink wig for Halloween. 

Believe Girl
This sweetie is a bit different than the others. I just went with it. I was feeling something quirky. The great thing about doing a book like this - all faces - I really got a chance to play, try things, and enjoy my creative time. 

Dream Girl
Her dreams were BIG. Oh, yes! Don't you love that? I am no stranger to massive self doubt. SO the thought of BIG, monstrous, scary dreams makes my stomach quiver. In a good way though. You know the "loose sleep because I am so excited" kinda way...Or the "shout from the mountain tops" kinda way...the scary good way. :)

Loved Girl
She is my favorite. I love the way she turned out. She gets simple words. But, words that are so important. I have to remind myself all the time. That despite my faults & numerous imperfections - I am enough & I am loved. 

And, so are you...
Enjoy your weekend Lovelies!

Happy Creating,

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