Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Adding Gesso to a Layout

Lately, I have realized a few things about my creative self... 

1) I am obsessing over certain things like gold & navy, hot pink, all things herringbone, doilies, & Wilna Furstenberg (Her style is GOR-geous) 
2) I hoard Americana paint, chipboard albums, 3x4 Project Life style cards & scrapbook letters
3) I miss my art journal when I am away from it too long...like, seriously feel it. If I don't make the time to express on those pages...I am two steps shy of crazy.
4) If I was stranded on a deserted island I would want my family, water, & gesso. ;) You know I am not really being serious. But, I LOVE using white gesso. I use it all the time on pretty much everything.

SO, naturally when I found this GOR-geous picture of my daughter and knew I wanted to use it for a mambi Design Team project...OF COURSE, I had to whip out the gesso. Naturally. 

I don't ever really like anything super "perfected" when I am doing a scrapbook layout. Whether it is a 12 x 12 page, mini album, POCKET PAGES spread, or any other project I am working on. I like a bit of messy. I want the paper crinkled up on the edge, the layering staggered, nothing measured, gesso or modeling paste smeared somewhere, & ink splattered. Of course I love a pretty end result. However, the mixed media artist in me loves an imperfect bit of mess. :)

Now, you can see plenty of pretty paper (HERE is some) and darling stickers. But, to add some "mess" interest & texture I added some gesso along the seam where I connected the two papers. I layered some beautiful paper, SOFT SPOKEN stickers, Mini Banners, & some mambi Clear Expressions. Once the stack was glued down, I added some pretty golden yellow ink splatters. 

It is super soft and just the right touch of color. I love the way it looks with the black & white photo too. :)

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Happy Creating,

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  1. I love how you used the gesso to give your layout some texture! I'm just learning to use gesso effectively, so I love seeing how others use it! :)