Tuesday, December 30, 2014

DIY New Year's Eve Wine Charms

How cute are these little wine charms? Yesterday I shared a festive 2015 banner (HERE) and today, adorable matching wine charms. They were created to add some special homemade touches to New Year's Eve, but they can be made for any occasion. All you need are a few supplies, paper from me & my BIG ideas & the possibilities are limitless. Talk about a perfect hostess or housewarming gift!

Lets get to the creating!

You will need: Bottle cap necklace charms, small washers, one inch paper punch, mambiSHEETS, one inch clear epoxy stickers (I used Spare Parts from Hobby Lobby, hot glue gun, ribbon or twine

The process was super easy and didn't take much time at all. Here it goes!

1) Punch a bunch of one inch circles out of chosen paper. Make sure each circle is different (That's how each person knows which glass is theirs!)
2) Attach epoxy sticker carefully and rub on a hard surface to lessen air bubbles
3) Attach washer to the top of the bottle cap charm
4) Use hot glue to secure the domed circle to the bottle cap
5) Tie a pretty ribbon or piece of baker's twine to each cap
6) Make as many as you want and enjoy!!

I can't wait to use my new wine charms and I think I may just 
have to make more! :)

Come visit the mambi BLOG and read about the DIY 2015 Banner right HERE!

Be sure to have a fun & SAFE New Years!
Happy Creating Friends,

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