Thursday, January 29, 2015

My One Little Word 2015

Hello January! (That would seems much more fitting if I was writing at the beginning of January, instead of a couple days before it's end. Ha!) 

To be honest, I was really waiting for January to get here. I really was. It's not like 2014 or December were horrible & I needed them put to rest. But, I was absolutely feeling the need for a clean slate, fresh start, wiped away, wide open, kinda vibe. I always feel that way around the new year. I was ready!

I was also ready to choose a guiding word for 2015. (2013, 2012)
At first, I seemed so indecisive about even having a word or which one to choose, that I almost decided to bow out again this year (I didn't choose a word for 2014). But, I made a list of words I had swirling around in my head & took some time to think about it. Getting creative always helps too, so I made a 12 x 12 layout using some of those words I had written down.

For this layout I used me & my BIG ideas paper, stickers, & embellishments. To read about it, visit their blog right HERE!

After some creating, thinking & reading about everyone else's words...I came to a decision. I had a word. It came for me, jumped on my back and would not leave me alone. :) 

begin to BE

There it is. My word. It really came down to three words - create, become & begin. But, in the end I choose become after I looked at some of the synonyms for the word.

emerge as, grow into, be reformed, be transformed into,

I mean, how great are those!? There are so many things I want to do, try, and accomplish. Sometimes I spend so much time thinking about these things I fail to follow through or actually get things done! 

2015 is the year I make intentional steps to becoming...

becoming my dreams, 
becoming what GOD has intended,
becoming healthier, 
becoming stronger,
becoming more patient, 
becoming more organized,
becoming fearless,
becoming more ____ (fill in the blank!)

There is lots to come in 2015 & I can't wait!
What is your word this year??

  If you are not familiar with One Little Word, read about it right HERE on Ali Edward's Blog.

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  1. Your word is good. Like, really good
    ...and I too had a word all of January that I never talked about until yesterday:

    Are thou planning to document it? I love that sketchbook page!