Monday, February 2, 2015

2 Day Workshop with Christy Tomlinson : Studio Crescendoh

Wow! What can I say? Last weekend I had an awesome opportunity to visit Studio Crescendoh in Santa Ana for a two day Workshop with Christy Tomlinson. It was simply awesome! Every single minute. I have to give a huge shout out to my Hubby who surprised me Christmas morning with the class. He heard me mention the workshop and knew I would probably not sign myself up. Certified shy girl has never taken a class in person. I am so glad that this was my first!

I have to say Christy is such a generous, sweet, encouraging, fun teacher! I adore her to pieces. I have taken several of her online classes (which I highly recommend) and it was so exciting to have her right there in person. 

The first day of the Workshop, Christy taught us how to put together a gorgeous journal using scrapbook papers, old calendars, envelopes, tags, and really what ever we wanted to add into it. I LOVE it! I thought binding books myself was a long drawn out process. That always discouraged me! Not now! I am going to make a bunch. Such a GREAT way to use up all my scrapbook paper that I hoard have. We also worked on several backgrounds with paint, stencils, and Gelli Plates. I had never used a Gelli Plate before, so playing with it was very interesting. On the second day we created a gorgeous cover with one of Christy's She Art girls. I collaged a lot with patterned napkins, which I don't normally use. I love the way my She Art girl's floral hair looks, so I will be hunting down some cool looking napkins!

I also loved Studio Crescendoh! What an amazing space. It is located in the art district of Santa Ana in a beautiful old building.  I loved the feeling it had. Inside the studio, I loved the large windows that brought in so much natural light and the GORgeous art of Jenny Doh that filled the walls. She is truly inspiring. I hope to take more workshops! She brings so many amazing artists to her studio to teach classes. Can't wait to return. :)

As a self proclaimed shy girl, meeting new people is always a bit nerve racking for me. BUT, I was so thrilled about taking the class the excitement took over & I felt right at home. Ha! Plus, all the girls taking the class were so warm and friendly. I was so lucky to sit next to the fabulous Kristen. We hit it off right away, which made the days even better. I met so many wonderful girls & artists. I am blessed!

I had a great time at Studio Crescendoh! I came home wanting to bind books & fling paint, completely inspired, and blessed with new artsy friendships. Such a wonderful weekend! Thank you Christy & Jenny (and my Hubs)!!

If you want to check out all the amazing artists visiting Studio Crescendoh click right HERE

Visit Christy right HERE!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Jen! I wish I could've been there too! I tend to also not sign myself up for things, so this is encouraging as well! So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing!