Thursday, May 12, 2011

I will CREATE today...

That is my mantra today... I will CREATE today. Something. Anything.

I will do some kind of art today - a journal page, work on a piece waiting for more layers, a background, a craft.
Something Creative.
Despite the long list of projects around the house, the changing of diapers, the piles of laundry to fold, windows to wash, errands to run, food to be made, dogs to be walked, kids to pick up, homework, playdoh, spills to clean up....

I will CREATE today.

Despite the strong urge to take a nap, or cuddle up with a good book, or surf around all the fantastic blogs (let's be real - I can get sucked in for hours! You are all so fabulously interesting & talented!)...

I will CREATE today.

Despite the horrendous condition of my "studio" - Hello, big mess...

I will CREATE today.

I will paint. I will color. I will draw. I will Podge. I will glitter. 
I will watercolor.
I will shade. I will write.

I will listen to my heart. 
Today I will create...despite the distractions. :) 
Wish me luck!



  1. Hello Jen!I hope I am not a destruction ;-)

    That's the spirit of being an artist. Create and be great!

  2. LOVE this post - and that picture is FAB! Thank you for your sweet comment - it honestly was fun to just create and see what happens - and I was rather shocked to see what came of it.

    What about you? Did you get the chance to be arty? I hope you had some time - sometimes finding that is the hardest part! xo

  3. I can't wait to see what you created!!

  4. I want to see what you made!! :):)