Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time for Art Journaling

So last week when I promised myself (and my heart) that I would get to some art... I actually did. That particular day I think I managed only a few minutes. But, that was ok. Each day I have been able to carve out some time to get messy & create. It is kinda funny...once I get started,
I just can't seem to stop. :) It just makes me happy. 
Who wants "happy" to go away?? Not me!

I worked on some journal pages that were not finished. I like to work a little and then come back to it again & again. 
So they are still works in progress.
My art journal is so fun because there is no pressure. It is just for me. 
Sometimes I just paint...sometimes collage, and other times write. 
It depends on my mood. 

I started working on her. I had not painted girls in a bit so I felt stuck at times, but just worked through it. One of the things I have really tried to take to heart after taking Mystele's GUT ART and Christy's She Art - is to just play and not think too much. I am a thinker. That holds me up sometimes. I get "stuck" because I sit there over analyzing where to put a stinkin flower or what color I should use. I really tried to just flow...not think too much. 
The not thinking...SO works for me!! :)

She needed words of course. Still working on her.
I found some other pages I wanted to work on, 
backgrounds to start, and a little cutie inspired by 
the She Art class that I will write about later.
 Here are a few...

Definately a work in progress

What have your creative little hands been working on this week??


  1. I so agree with you--its's so fun just to play. I can't at the moment--I'm getting ready for shows--but I still love it because I'm making art! I hope you can still find time for art everyday--even if it's just for a little bit.

  2. Hello Jen! I agree with your working habit or principle. Just go with the flow of your mood. In that way, everything is like falling freely. No force or burden to produce something beautiful is imposed.

    I love the "the most unforgettable women" The lady looks so smart, pretty and indeed someone not to forget. :)

    I wish you more free flowing beautiful works my friend!

  3. These are just beautiful! Wonderful work, xoxo